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IFBB Bikini Olympia 2012 (Part 1)

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Today I'm back home to Bremerton, WA; crisp morning dew on my bicycle seat, an empty fridge, and an inbox full of messages remind me I'm back to reality after spending Thursday-Sunday living the dream. The dream of competing in the big kahuna of all fitness competitions: The Olympia.

Link to: - 2012 Olympia Weekend Coverage

The word "Olympia" is plastered on inspiration boards, gallon water jugs, rubber bracelets, and the front of workout journals of Olympia-hopefuls all across the world as a constant reminder of what they're training for. Or at least what they hope to someday be training for! I am beyond blessed to be one of the few who can say, "I am an Olympian," and I have photos and a medal to prove it! The Olympia is the show that most only wish of attending, and few achieve the privilege and honor of competing in. With a 2nd place finish in my Pro Debut at the IFFB St. Louis Bikini Pro, I qualified for the last available slot to in the Bikini Olympia, a short two weeks after receiving my invite. Let me just say those last two weeks were 120% blood, sweat, and tears to bring my best. I got closer to my coach than ever, as she led me closer than ever to my fitness goals than ever. I went to the Olympia last year: Blessed the The Olympia blog post, but not as an "Olympian!"

Shannon and I post-show

. . . . Before I go any further, I must say "Thank You" . . .

The Olympia may have been in Vegas, but I know I'm not lucky- I'm blessed. A year and a half ago I entered a Bikini show at the suggestion of my then acquaintance, now dear friend- Jerika Allick. I loved it- so I googled "Nathalia Melo's trainer," found Team Bombshell and struck out on a journey to compete as an NPC athlete: hoping to inspire many, share what I was bound to learn about health and fitness, and e an example the dreams an the desires of your heart CAN come true. See where I started here: Going For it: My First Competition. How it went: Bikini Babay!!, And how I joined Team Bombshell: No Plan B - Joining Team Bombshell.

Today I look back in awe of how far I have come!! I am a Team Bombshell trained athlete, I have won multiple Bikini shows and an Overall title, become a Zipfizz sponsored athlete, earned my Pro card, signed with the elite Fitness Management Group (FMG), competed and placed second in my Pro debut, and qualified for Miss Bikini Olympia!  I even had the opportunity to do a 5 page spread for Muscle&Fitness Hers. See it! The trip recap: New York:  M&F Hers Modeling.

I can hardly believe how many blessings God has given me, lead me to, and helped me obtain. Or how many trials and tribulations He has faithfully lead me through; and how many times He provided provision and help when I needed it most. Often times, it was through the amazing people in my life. You may not think you made any difference in my life, but you all have touched heart in a special way- THANK YOU. You are an angel into my life and I will always remember your kindness :) 

Training for the Olympia is more than physical training- I would actually say it was more of a mental and spiritual workout to rise to the title of "Olympian" than it was a physical workout. I am a stronger woman and Christian than I was 2 weeks ago! You really get to know God when the stakes rise above your own control. And I'm glad they did.

 So, you get it- I trained hard and brought my best- You ask:
- "Was it worth it, was it fun, am I happy with my presentation?"
It was SO worth it, the most fun I have EVER  had at a show, and I definitely improved my presentation and strutted that stage with confidence and nailed my routine! 

- "How'd I place?" "Did I win?" I did not win. I know, maybe next time ;) No, out of the top 32 women in the WORLD: I tied for 16th place, aka the last place that is judged after the top 15 to save hastle to the judges from trying to decide 32nd from 31st. Tying with my inspirations and coaches, Vanessa Campbell, Diana Graham, and Sky Taylor among others. How awesome is that?! 

L to R: Skye, Vanessa. me

Me and Nicole Moener

Me and Nicole Nagrani

Me and Amanda Latona

In case you missed it, Nathalia Melo WON. A tough decision between her and defending champ Nicole Nagrani, it was sexy (Nathalia) vs. Cute (Nicole) for the win. This time sexy prevailed. Both girls, and 3rd place finisher, India Paulino (shout out to her and a huge thank you for doing my foundation/make-up base for the show! Thank you so much!) are Team Bombshell teammates of mine so of course I am ecstatic for their success!!

Bombshells again dominated the bikini stage :)

Nathalia and Nicole backstage before Finals

See all the action from the Friday's prejudging (Day #1) and Bikini Finals (Day #2)  ....
** TONS of PHOTOS and VIDEO REPLAY at the links below **

- courtesy of

   ~ 2012 Olympia: Women's Prejudging Report

Team FMG at Meet the Olympians


   ~ 2012 IFBB Bikini Prejudging Replay, Part 2

Whew! So that covers my competing experience on Friday, next post will be about Saturday where I worked the Muscle and Fitness/FLEX magazine booth at the Olympia Expo, judged the FLEX Bikini Model Search (yes- the very show that I competed in last year!), "fun meal" dinner out :), and all the Vegas after-party festivities!!



"Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." - Psalm 37:5

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