Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I fly out from little Butte, MT to Las Vegas, NV to attend:

The 2011 OLYMPIA WEEKEND and compete in
Gaspari Nutrition and FLEX Magazine's Bikini Model Search Contest.

The FLEX show judging is on Friday at 1pm and then Top 16 get announced on Saturday at 1pm. Follow my Facebook for updates! Lord-willing I will light up that stage and do well :)

I am just stoked to be competing at the same venue as such amazing athletes as Gen Strombo, Vannessa Campbell, Natalia Melo, Nicole Nagrani and sooo many more amazing Bombshells, bodybuilders and fitness booth-spokespeople (Like Jamie Eason, Amanda Latona and Jenifer Nicole Lee)

Here's my "stage package" as of this morning:

My coach, Shannon, has been having me gain about a pound a week since I went to Bombshell camp to "smooth out my muscles" by lifting really heavy anf eating alot. Whatdya think, is it working? ;p I am definitely pleased with my progress.

My Bombshell teammates and I also have tickets to the IFBB Bikini PRO Championships on Friday night which will be so amazing. I'm a blessed girl to be able to attend :D

My flight leaves at 1:15pm so I gotta go do some final packing... please be praying for sucess and for my dreams to come true!

My friend sent me this reminder this morning:
 "Be strong & do not give up for your work will be rewarded.”
**II Chr. 15:7 ** Amen.

~ Ruthie


  1. Hi Ruthie! During the time of this post when you were lifting heavier, about how much more were you eating a day? Also, how did your cardio schedule look? Your progress at this point in time was soo good! = )

  2. Hi Ruthie,

    I would love to hear your testimony. I am based in the UK but been interested reading profiles of Godly men and women who are into fitness etc...

    I am also an amateur fitness junkie and a born again christian. Trying to figure out the Lord's plans for my life and also live a purpose filled life for Jesus !


    1. Thank you for your interest Alex. I have gotten this suggestion before, and I am in the process of getting it all into words. I'll add it as a stand-alone tab here on my blog so keep checking back :)


  3. Thanks Ruthie.

    I have just subscribed to you on Facebook.

    Do you want to expand a bit on the part when you say "purpose driven life" ?.

    I am not challenging your views just trying to figure out what exactly you mean ?

    Is it not the case that all christians purpose in life should be "serving the Lord" and doing what he has called us individually to do ?

    The big question is figuring out what our calling is ?!!


    You read the bible, pray and attend church but then what ?


  4. wow!! you are truly an inspiration. a students, IFBB PRO, and a wonderful jesus filled woman. I love your determination to go after what you want and trusting god in the entire process. haa maybe i should introduve myself. Im Abeni. pronounced like the city Albany. i have this strong burning passion to do exactly what you did in a year in a half. im a current freshman in college and cant wait to start my journey with bombshell. though i have to wait untill i have enough to pay up front and for camp. i was wondering how you got all the exposure in such a short amount of time and being sponsored, wow! thats one of my goals. i just wanted to say you are a true insporation and give hope to people like me and such a neautiful beautiful, classy, posied young lady! keep it up. lol i feel like i found a new pen pal!

  5. wow!!
    im honored to even be talking to you right now. you a truly a wonderful example and role model. its nice to know there a devoted christians in the fitness industry. i should probably introduce myself. My name is Abeni, im a current freshman in high school really looking to live my dream, become a bikini competitor. I want to do it with the best, TEAM BOMBSHELL!! im currently working to raise money to pay for training all up front. After competeitng my ultimate goal is to become a pro sponsored athelte in hope of one day even stepping foot on the olympia stage, exactly what you did. I was wondering on how you went about getting sponsored. and any tips you have, oh and also if you could do a hair tutorial on how your hair was at the Olympia (honestly, i think you were rocking the best locks) (: voluminous classy hair. any help or tips you have for a newbie like me would be greatly appreciate, and im honored to have stumbled across such a beautiful beautiful girl inside and out, keep it up grile,

    your soon to be teammate,