Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bikini Babay!!

How was everyone's weekend? I can't understand this weather... is it Spring or Winter? We'll be lucky if it quits snowing by Summer at this rate :/

I had an incredible time at the EFX 2011 Big Sky Bodybuilding Fitness, Figure,Bikini, and Physique Championships this weekend in Missoula, MT. It was so much fun to meet a bunch of gorgeous girls who share my passion for fitness and competition! I didn't meet a single caty girl, which I was totally suprised by because I went into the competition being prepared to deal with the possibility of beyotches. 

Backstage craziness... tannin' pumpin' and posin'
Hey, you really can't blame us: by Saturday morning we were all on day 7 of no carbs, no sugar, three layers of spray tan, no water, and our suits glued to our butt cheeks. Top it off with lotsa hairspray, makeup, and ridiculously high heels, then cram us all backstage with a bunch of meat-heads pumping up for their turn to strut... and you have quite the cocktail! Am I crazy that I LOVED it!?

Well I did. Oh, and I got TOP 5 :D Yup, I took home a beautiful 4th place trophy in my first Bikini competition. Not too shabby I think!

The girl who won (pictured at center) below, Joy Kushner, totally deserved it.
She is my inspiration to improve my body before my next competition. I'm soo doing another one!
The Top 5 Bikini Tall ladies!
(I'm on the far left)

Here's some photos from all the action at the show, and a couple fun ones my brother, Matthew, and I took :p I gotta give my brother props, he was sick but he still went with me Friday to Missoula and waited for me through all the check-in lines at the hotel, and drove me to the show in the morning. It was a gazzillion times more fun with him there.
We found the wiener-mobile...

Check out the liscense plate: "IWISHIWR"
After check in at the hotel they gave us goodie bags packed full of protein powder samples,  and a new mixer bottle- they totally read my mind cuz  needed a new one. I got a big tub of protein powder for getting 4th place too (along with my trophy!) We got free t-shirts too after the competition. Yay for free stuff!

Ohh Yeah Free Jack3d?! Yes please :)
On stage with my new friend Bonnie :)

Posing on stage during the morning show

Back stage with my two favorite Bikini short competitiors: Bri and Bergen <3
I loved meeting these girls!

Fellow Digger Gabe Webster with his trophy! We cleaned up :)

Me with Jay Cutler - 4 Time Olympia Champion
and my sexy little mini-me trophy ;p

I got lazy and didn't make the home-made icecream and cookie dough recipe I posted on my pre-contest post, but you better beleive I celebrated! I had the Mud Pie at the Montana Club after the competition, and oh my gosh was it good...

Speaking of food, here's a couple really good links I found recently and wanted to share with you guys. It kinda explains the whole cheat meal thing (and yes, I am back to eating clean!.. no more chocolate cake). They're both links is to Bikini Pro Amanda Latona's blog, and it totally parallels how I feel about my diet and my workout routines for the next couple months.


  1. Great job! You looked awesome :) Have any shows your planning to do in the future?

  2. I do! I'm not doing one till after the summer, because I'm gonna be switching my training to gain muscle in my legs and shoulders, but I am doing the Yellowstone Classic NPC Bikini show in Bozeman, MT in October. I'm also planning on doing one at the end of the summer before I leave Washington, but I haven't picked that one yet.