Sunday, September 9, 2012

To the Max

Hi ya'll!

Posting has been my last priority with the craziness of moving (again, this time permanently-at least for a year), high workload + overtime, contest prep for my IFBB PRO debut (coming up in 1 WEEK!!), and even a little fun: my sister and brother visited for my birthday and a trip the Vancouver, WA to appear for a Max Muscle store opening.

Here's a little photo re-cap of the highlights of the last few weeks:

My sister's visit :) ♥ ♥
She's my other half, the shorter, dark-haired, free-spirit version of me!

On the ferris wheel in Seattle

My honey boo boo and I in Seatle

My next post will most likely be after my IFBB Pro Debut in St. Louis on Sept 15th, please pray for these last few days of prep and for my time at the competition! Your support really encourages and motivates me :)

Follow my show path here: Ruthie Harrison Bikini Athlete Fan Page

Until next time... blessings,

PS - A special shout out to my paw paw who turned 63 today. Happy Birthday Daddy!!


  1. We sure love you, Ruthie! You bring such joy to our lives! We'll be praying for all your challenges. Love, Mom

  2. Thanks mommy :) I love you too! Counting the days until I can visit.

  3. Best of Luck at your Pro Debut! Can't wait to see pics!!
    Love all your blogs!! God Bless,