Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Came Early

Tomorrow I'll FINALLY be done with this semester of school! Yes!! I could not be more excited for Christmas, family time, chilling out, eating some yummy holiday food (crackers, meats and cheeses and wine on Christmas Eve woot woot!!), and getting some "brain food" in reading my Bible and my a couple devotional books I;ve started but haven't had time to finish. I am also excited to travel.... I didn't want to mention anything until I was sure, but now it's official:

I am going to New York City....
I'm off to the big apple!

To do a photoshoot with Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine this weekend!!!

Back in September at the Olympia M&F Hers did a mock
"cover shoot" for fans at their booth. Now I'll actually be in the magazine
for REAL! I love coincidence :)
Just think, I'll be in the same magazine as the
incredibly athletic IFBB Pro Figure Arnold and
Olympia winner Nicole Wilkins!!

...My fellow Bombshell teammate Justine Munro
made the COVER a couple months back.
Way to go Bombshell!!

 I fly out on Sunday and come back on Tuesday, the shoot will take place on Monday. I have no idea exactly what the spread will be, but no matter what I am thrilled and ecstatic to be in print as a FITNESS MODEL. This is honestly a dream come true and a true answer to many many prayers :D

On Facebook I did a giveaway of ZipFizz to whoever could guess where I am going.
Barbie will be getting a sample pack
of ZipFizz to try out. I'm sure you'll
love it!!

We have a winner!! Congrats to Barbie Gonzalez to correctly guessing where I'm going/what I'm doing on the first try! Dang girl, good job :) I need your address so I can mail off your goodies :)

This is truly Christmas come early in my book and I cannot WAIT to go to New York, I have never been there but I have heard great things. Hopefully I'll have a little extra time so I can go check out some of NY's many attractions: Central Park, Time Square, the Liberty Lady, where the Twin Towers once stood, and the big Christmas tree.

Massive ornaments as Christmas decorations

THE tree to put all Christmas tress to shame!

Liberty Lady

Times Square
Twim Towers Memorial

I won't be there long, but I hope to see as much as I can! I'll keep you guys updated via Facebook with pictures and posts about my travels. When I get back I'll defintely do a full recap too! I know a couple things New York is famous for that I'll be sure to try while I'm there....

New York Pizza

Oh New York, you're so cheesy
And for dessert, my all time favorite: New York Cheesecake!

For now it's bedtime though, one Final to go...I need my sleep so I can think tomorrow :p Goodnight and sweet dreams.


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