Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Plan B.

Sooooo, if you're in a public computer lab, or shy about people seeing your screen feel free to scroll down with caution (that means you Keven ha ha) because this post is all about me as a Bikini competitor, and I have big news!!

Drum Roll Please!!!
No, don't worry there's no scandalous pictures yet :p....

The big news is: I signed with Bombshell Fitness Team.

This means for the next year I will be training under the IFBB Bikini Pro competitors, to sculpt me into a lean-mean-bikini-machine!

~What exactly does this mean?
First off, it means I will be training with the Most Prestigious, Fitness and Bikini Training Team in the World! 

From the Bombshell website:
"In the past 24 months, Team Bombshell Girls have earned 25 IFBB Pro Cards, 23 Olympia Invites, won 9 IFBB Pro Championship wins, 150+ Overall NPC Titles, 300+ NPC Class Wins, 600+ NPC Trophies and 9 of our Athletes signed with the exclusive Management Company, FMG.

    Team Bombshell has been featured in Flex Magazine, Muscular Development, Fitness RX, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Fitness RX, Ironman, American Body Plus, the NPC News and more.  In 2011, you will see several Bombshells grace the cover of the top International fitness magazines. "...
.... and the list goes on!
Team Bombshell is my new Training/Coaching Team, and with it comes a fitness family of like-minded girls also competing in Bikini, Figure, and Fitness across the world. Meet my fellow Bombshells:
Ali Rosen
I love how feminine and strong she is.
Nicole Nagrani
She is one of my favorites, and a huge inspiration..
The youngest Bikini Pro EVER at only 18!!
Patricia Valenti
Definition of: Blonde Bombshell :p
Vanessa Campbell
She is my fitness and diet coach!!
Ruthie Harrison... oh wait that's me ha ha.
Team Bombshell helps promote me, get me competition ready, and make the whole process fun and fulfilling by being a network and support system. I will only compete in NPC/IFBB competitions from now on (as opposed to other sanctions, such as NANBF), and I will be representing Team Bombshell at all my future competitions. The coaches will help me with suit selection, make-up, posing, walking and stage presence for my shows, and in the mean while during the "off season"...

I have my own personal monthly hard training, diet, supplement, and cardio plan!! :-) I get daily feedback on any questions I have about exercises, diet, or anything while in training, and I also get access to all the secrets that helped the current Bombshells reach their current level of success. I've already learned so much it's mind-blowing. I had no idea so much went into this, and honestly after I decided I wanted to go for it, and sent in all my paperwork (thank you Tech library for letting me use your fax machine!) I was so giddy to get started it was hard to wait while they analyzed my "starting point" pictures and stats/goals/future plans, and write up my plans for May. But once I got them on Friday (5/6/11) I was totally overwhelmed.

They want my to do cardio for how long!? Do I have to eat exactly that? How many vitamins do I have to take!? Man, I was starting to doubt myself that I could handle it all. I was thinking, "Maybe I'm not cut out for this like I thought. Maybe it'd just be easier if I don't try to go Pro... I like competing 'just for fun' right?" The instructions said to start on Monday with my workouts, so I had the Mother's Day holiday weekend to think it over while I was home in Whitehall, and I came to a conclusion:

I am going to give this 120%!! I already know how much I love competing, it makes me feel so accomplished, so alive, and just so full of joy. I love meeting all the other competitors, shining God's light in a totally new place, growing closer to my family and friends through their support :), and challenging myself to improve my physique, my stage presence, my attitude, and my confidence.
Basically the bottom line is, I want to do this and I couldn't imagine letting myself down by backing out and settling for less.


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  1. Awesome girl!! Glad you decided to give it 120% , I'm in it to win it too ;)
    Excited to follow your journey to your second (and so-on) shows!
    Happy training !!