Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IFBB Bikini Olympia (Part II)

Hello again friends :)

Today was a great day to blog, but unfortunately it was a pretty lame day to do anything else - chalk it up to "flu season" I think the bug got me. A sore throat and a feverish feeling sent me home from work at lunch- like a defeated puppy with my tail between my legs, who overeagerly chased after the neighborhood cat only to smack into the picket fence, not fully aware of my own limitations. Ugh. Fail. Well the good news is I have extra time to blog and sip a coffee :)

Let's pick up where we left off shall we? Ah yes, I was recounting the surreal weekend activities of the Mr. Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas 2 weekends ago. I had enough excitement and late-nights there to last me until the end of the year! I am not a late night regular, usually going to bed at 9pm :p but when the Las Vegas lights put me up to it, I found myself staying up until 3:30am. Yikes!

But you know that if I was up that late-it was for good reason! Lots of fun and friends kept the midnight oil burning. With that, I give you my Olympia Recap (Part II) !! ....

Right after the Bikini Olympia pre-judging I found my friends Kinjal and Annie who drove up from San Diego just to see me. (**Please excuse the ridiculous show tan in all these photos... I know, I look weird next to normal skin tone colored people)

Annie, Kinjal, and I

My Bombshell homegirl, and good friend Leslie
came by and supported me too. Thank you "Mr.
Bombshell" (Leslie's hubby) for filming me at
prejudging. It helped to see my replay.
The night show Finals were Friday night, so if you missed the recap of that check out my last post.

Me on stage at the Olympia. Can you believe I get to say that?!
I'm still in shock.

Friday night after the show I was free to celebrate and enjoy the town with Kinjal, Annie, Leslie, and her hubby Jeremy. Our mission? Silly fan photos and quesedillas :)

My gguuurrrrrllls!
After a full night of exploring we got home at - gasp - 3:30am!! Way past bedtime to get some shut-eye to work the Olympia Expo for Muscle & Fitness Hers/FLEX magazine.
Photos from the expo on Saturday:

Not too shabby for 4 hours of sleep, eh?
Bombshells workin' and lookin' fly

Just being my Baddass self :p

My girl Nicole and I working at FLEX. Yes, we are actually
both standing on the same level... I'm not wearing heels....
Yes I am 5'10" and look giant here lol.

Shout out :) and thank you for the bars! I
loved them and so did my peeps at work.

Another shout out; this time to FitnessGurls!
Check em out: FitnessGurls.com
This was for #ABSolutelyFitBody :)
Even with all that excitement at the expo, I got some once in a lifetime opportunities too... Like judging the FLEX Bikini Model Search! Yes, the very show I competed in last year.
 See the 2011 Olympia recap post here: Blessed at the Olympia

The gorgeous Top 5 ladies

Not a bad job :) It's so inspiring to see these amazing ladies.

Winner! Miss Ana D absolutely deserved it.

An awkward ending while waiting our judges scores to be tallied...
the Mr. Puny-verse contest. LOL. No words.

Saturday night it was an amazing time with my friend, Bobby Black, and Michael Middleton (Jamie Eason's new man) and his adorable Southern parents. We had a great dinner and then Bobby, Michael, and I went to the Boddybuilding.con party to meet up with Jamie. The rest of the story is a long night of ..."What happens in Vegas".....

Bobby (grrr baby grrr!) and I

Baddass Nutrition owner, Kevin and I
Yes- we look like we're going to prom and we like it lol.
Goodnight from LV ♥

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