Saturday, July 16, 2011

Purely Indulgent

Good evening all~
Lookie what I found in the comments on one of my long-time fave bloggies, Oh She Glows .... another like minded chicka! Angie started a discussion on our "favorite quotes" and this one caught my eye immediately:

Hmmmm, seems like a lot of girls struggle with this same issue: too much planning! My friend Leana told me she does it too, and she hates it! Why do we do it if we hate it? I hold that it's natural for women to be overly concerned and we have to actively fight the tendency to over-think and over-plan our lives.

-- Shout out to Leana her because it's her birthday today!!!! Happy birthday beautiful!
I can't wait for our sleepover next week girl, we're gonna have a blasty :D --

Back to planning though: there's definitely a fine line between being spending enough time planning to be well prepared and being a frazzled wreck from excessive worrying, planning, re-planning, and then ending up no better off than when you started. Talk about a cruel curse of womanhood! Ooof.

So there's that little nugget... what I really got on to blog about are the things that I found truly irresistible, indulgent, and so enjoyable is utterly indescribable this week... Mmmm mmm!!

No matter what, there are 3 things that never fail to make me happy:
  1. Clothes ...... Two words: Retail therapy, not so cheap sometimes $$ (ok so never)
  2. Food .... I love cooking and food blogs! But sometimes it's not such a health comfort. Must resist the sweets!
  3. Music .... Play on play on! This one has never gotten me into trouble :)

~ Clothes:
We will begin with clothes and the pleasures I've found on el Internet this week. Oooo yes my friends, I have bad case of cyber lust with some serious clothes cravings! Luckily such cravings rarely end in kitchen raids or ruining my contest diet so I see no reason not to INDULGE! (As long as it's window shopping)

Exhibit A: Sky Dresses (as seen on Jamie Eason)
Every since one of Sky's dresses. IN. EVERY. COLOR.

I love dresses <3 They make you look so good and people always compliment my "cute outfit" when I wear one, little do they know that 9 times out of 10 the reason I wore a dress is because I am terrible at making cute outfits and/or was running late and didn't want to put on more than one piece of clothing! Easy and stylish? Win Win.

Exhibit B:  More luuurrvely dresses. Courtesy of

I am also fascinated with 4 Ways to Wear Tom's Shoes. There's actually cute ways to wear them! Who knew.

~ Food:
Moving on to Numero Dos... FOOD. Warning, prepare to fend off instantly induced snack-attack from the following food porn. "Hi, my name is Ruthie, and I google 'peanut butter and chocolate'."

Read the recipe... You'll understand my obsession...
So flipping adorable...
Oreos + PB = Perfection.
Eight layers of bliss.
In my defense, I did have a good reason to google decadent deserts! I am putting together goodie bags to give to my friends and fellow Bikini competitors backstage after the show. TRUST me, they'll be ecstatic.

Now the rest of these recipes have no defense. They just looked awesome!
I've shared my love for pumpkin on my blog before, but in case you missed it: I have a huge thing for pumpkin, I just love it! It's good for you and tastes like heaven. What's not to love? I'm the crazy chick buying 10 cans of Libby's Pure Pumpkin as soon as it hits SALE at Safeway. Gotta stock up!

Naturally, I found this thread on the RxMuscle Recipe Forum: Pumpkin Recipes
Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Pancakes

The classic: Pumpkin Pie

What you don't know is another of my weird food obsessions ... unless you've lived with me and witnessed my many oatmeal concoctions... but I have a slight obsession with making "gourmet oatmeal." I could eat oatmeal every morning for life and be as happy as a clam.
Butterfinger Banana Oats.
No words can describe my excitement :0
Okay enough food, I am making myself hungry! Moving on to Numero Tres:

~ Music:
I sometimes forget the power of music to change my mood, but luckily today I remembered just I was having a seriously tough time getting into my evening lifting sesh. I was doing that whole worrying about the future thing and totally zapping my energy... until I broke out my tune-age!

My energy went up about 500% as soon as I started jammin' out :)

I must have really been feelin' Adam Lavine today, because this song had me literally dancing up the stair stepper...

Another awesome jam:

Some real deep Derulo lyrics: "This girl is passin' out in my lap... She's a blond." Ha-ha because that explains it!? (Okay it kinda does.)

Bow-chicka- bow-wow, J-Lo you're one fierce woman! Diggin' her song with Wheezy, "I'm into it!"

One more  kick @s$ tune, and one more fierce woman - courtesy of Gwen Stefani and NoDoubt... a golden oldie!

Oh Gwen. She's got it. Still got it. Always will.

Dang it, now I am all pumped up and I have to go to bed! I have to get some sleep though, I fun plans for tomorrow in Seattle: I'm getting a haircut + color to blend my short hair into the extensions I'll be wearing on stage at the bikini show. I'll share pictures later!

For now it's off to bed to at least try to sleep.
Buenos Noches Amigas :)

~ Ruthie


  1. Hey-- I totally share the same love for peanut butter so I wanted to tell you about PB2. Google it -- its great stuff! Plus its not packed with calories ;) I'm sure you can find it anywhere near Seattle, I get it at a sports nutrition store just south of Portland.

    Good luck with the upcoming competition!

  2. Ah yes PB2! I have tried the original and the chocolate flavors before and its definitely a great way to get some PB in your life without adding the cals... althought when it comes to peanut butter, i'd run miles and train for hours for it :p gimme the real deal!

    I am excited that my coach has PB on my 'packing list' to bring to my show. {Grinning!} Thank you for the good luck wishes! Be sure to check back and see how I did :)