Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Days Out

Hellooo Monday... Wow, how we all missed you. HA!

I am back to work from yet another busy weekend. Man did I want an extra day off this weekend! Are we sure it was 2 days off in there? 

I start every weekend with the intention of:
1) Catching up on sleep
2) Not spending $$
3) Reading from an ACTUAL book (not including audio-Bible)
4) Getting ahead on food prep/laundry/cleaning/ect

Not so much... I always end up getting about 6 hours a night if I'm lucky, spending way to much $$ on incidentals and/or unplanned shopping, not crackin' a book and finally crawling into bed at 11pm on Sunday night with a long To-Do list still sitting on my dresser. (reading nothing but street signs trying to find my way around Seattle on Saturday) As for $$ though, my stupid GPS made me take the ferry back after taking the Tacoma Narrows Bridge there, so I paid two tolls. Thanks Garmin, you're a pal. More unexpected $$ for the hair highlights needed to color match my hair to the extensions... I was hoping we could do it with fewer, but it took $136 worth. Ouuccchhh. Looks great though! I'll post a separate post tonight with some pics from the trip, it was still el blasty so it was worth it!

This week should be pretty chill though, luckily I am taking off work Thursday & Friday for a full day of Creationfest glory on Thursday, and a contest-prep day on Friday before my Bikini show on Saturday (omg its really happening!!). Also, my daddy and brother  - and hopefully my momma too - are coming for a family visit over the weekend :D ... SOOOO Stoked. They'll be getting here either late Thursday or early Friday. It'll be so great to have them at my show hoopin' and hollerin,' and to have someone to (Lord-willing) celebrate with!

Speaking on my competition, 5 DAYS FROM NOW I'll be up on stage posing, sashay-ing, smiling till my cheeks twitch, and flexing till my other cheeks twitch. Lol. I can't wait actually. I truly <3 competing. If all my preparation, practice, hard work, perserverance and sacrifice pays off...  when I finally get on stage on Saturday, it will go something like this:

.... I'll be here ^  (top call-out) on Saturday morning ...

...Earning me some CHOCOLATE and a trophy after the
evening show on Saturday night!! ....

... And then it's time to partay!

That's my Pro Bombshell teammate Natalia Melo being silly after the Arnold this year. If you're not a competitor you don't get to see all the craziness that goes on backstage that makes it so fun!

Before all that though, here's where we're at now...

Last Wednesday we took body-fat reading again, all my caliper measurements were down but the percentage number still fell within the 9% range. Lower measurement numbers is all that really matters though so I am happy.

My weight is down just 1 lb from last week, at 129lbs now. I can't remember the last time I weighed something in the 120s! As you can guess from my bodyfat + weight, I am definitely skinny.

Muscle Tone/Overall:
I am really happy with how my shoulders, back, chest and arms look. Lean smooth muscle and good definition :) My waist is much smaller than it was at my first show. Not doing abs for a 2 months and then hitting only middle abs for the last 3 weeks really gave me a much more feminine hourglass.

The body part I get complimented on the most is my legs. That being said, my legs will always be a work in progress. It's such a delicate balance of eating clean, cardio-ing up a storm (but must have correct form!) and lifting to hit my legs a bazzillion times a week. I honestly liked how round and full (read: more fat) by booty was a couple weeks ago, but for the stage you really gotta drop A LOT of fat and get a tight smooth swoop from hamstrings to glutes to back. I'm not used to seeing that as the "ideal" so I am just trusting my coach on that one. I am defintely happy with my calves though, and I'd like to see some more muscle size in my thighs but that takes time to build and I have definitely made progress since my first show so that's what's important!

I got my "PRE-FINAL WEEK PREP" email from Coach Momma Bombshell on Friday, and the madness has begun! I have burned a hole in my wallet spending $$ the required show goodies... Let's hope this means goodbye paycheck but hellooo to my new and improved smokin' Bombshell bikini package! Here's my pre-contest check list, I'm taking it one day at a time.

In other news, I had to share some things that tickled me today... Enjoy :)

LOL of the Day: The things you have to pretend to love, just because you're royal. Exhibit A: The 'gifts' Kate and William got to wear at the Calgary Stampede. Ten gallons of fabulous.

The Royal couple in Canada. Nice hats.

WOW of the Day:  Lookie what I saw at the gym this morning. Yes, I had to whip out the creeper-cam to show you. 
Look closely... this dude is doing push ups BALANCING ON 5lb plates, and...
He is on ONE LEG balanced on a 5lb plate too.  Talk about impressive!

I'm off to win the day at the gym! Wish me luck :) You can always read more about "Winning the Day" at IFBB Bikini Pro Bombshell Jaime Baird's blog. I find a lot of inspiration from reading about the experiences and advice of my fellow bikini competitors.

Ta-ta for now,


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