Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mall->Monday->Meltdown=Media Fast

Tuesday... [Dear God, please let me survive this week...]

Last night I. DID. NOT. SLEEP.

Life has been a little cray cray lately. From my last post, it may seem like I have everything planned out, and I do! Thing is... Life loves to NOT go according to my plans. REALLY loves it.

Basically, without going into all the details (and photos courtesy of Google), here's the deal: My phone looks something like this...

Run over by a car in parking lot

Last night, I was dealing with a big mystery stain on the carpet that looked something like this....
(thank you garbage bag)

Said stain flippin' re-appeared overnight after I spent a good half hour cleaning it up last night. WHAT!?

I am trying desperately to remember this...

So... I didn't blog my Seattle pictures or get to bed until 11pm again.

Here's those pictures from the weekend in Seattle though. I can't show you the pictures of my new hair cut because they were on my phone, which is OK because now it'll be a total suprise revealling when I put up pictures after competition :)

These pictures survived though because they were on my camera. Let this be a testimony to why you should never let me near a mall... especially one with amazing stores like Lululemon and H&M.

University Village Shopping Center
This place was shopper's paradise...

... And a literal paradise, there were beautiful
flowers all over the walkways. LOVE.
Action shot! This little guy was playing in the
fountains. Oh to be young and carefree.

Really? Must you tease me.

I must distract myself from crepes...

I knew going into the store I wouldn't buy anything,
but here's what I tried on. Ya know, just cuz.

Dream outfit! I am in love with the material of
their clothes. If you've tried it then you know.

Okay I had to... I heard Lululemon are
 the "Perfect Butt Pants." Are they?

Next stop: H&M to find a cheap outfit for a
mystery event I am doing on Monday
The possibilities are endless! Seriously,
I was probably there for 2 hours.

H&M was a total success, and super cheap!
(A nice change from the rest of my life)
I found the perfect mystery event outfit; plus
for only $5 bucks I snagged these pants + belt.

As far as today goes, I am determined  to make the best of it. So far: there's a work barbecue at lunch so the whole place smells like bacon, and all the fridges are full of carrot cake, brownies and what I hear is Orlando's "super delicious flan". [Lord, seriously... just let me make it through this week.]

Again... Must. Find. Distraction. From. Food. I turned to the blogs, but only to find that it seems everyone is blogging about the same things: Food, Stress, and Shopping. What I found on my blog roll this morning:
All in all, I need to cut some things out or else I may crash and burn before Saturday so I am going on a "media fast" until sometime next week. No electronics: no TV, email, Blogger, Facebook, movies, music... ect. I need it to be just me and God in my head, not all the extra "noise" the world wants to put in there. It's already off to a great start with my cell phone smashed to bits. So this means I'll also not be blogging again until after the competition - it's not you, it's me. Please pray for my sanity!

Signing off for now,


  1. Love the hair!
    Your butt was perfect before putting those pants on! :)
    Not that I want ANYONE to struggle, but I had a rough week 2 (as I've read a few girls have) and it's nice to know it IS normal for things not to run smoothly all the time as some lead you to believe. Thanks for keeping it real! You're gonna rock! XOXO! Jessica T

  2. Yep, Lululemon are perfect butt pants..LOL!!!

  3. Haha Thanks Joleen! Are you lucky enough to own any? Man, if I did I would jump out of bed every morning to workout JUST because I could put them on :D

    Jess, you're so sweet! Keep giving it your all, week #2 is killa... make those little daily victories your secret weapon :) And yes (as far as I know) it is normal to get all kinds of random terrible crap-in-your-lap, ESPECIALLY as game time rolls around. Most people just don't write about their crap haha.