Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What A Weekend (Part I)

OMG. So the "media fast" is over... I got a new cell phone too (same #) so I am re-connected with the world; and I am back with soooooo much news!!

I don't even know if I can put all this weekends activities in one post, so.. I'll just cover the BIGGEST news in this post. First of, I WON the Bikini Tall class at the WA State Open on Saturday in Auburn, WA!!


I got that SWORD I was telling you about :)
I totally surpassed my goal of placing higher than my last show (4th) AND met my goal of becoming Nationally Qualified!! Thank yoouuu Jesus.
This means I am a "national athlete" :D

A TON of photos from the stage like the two below are posted at Rx Fitness Magazine here.

(L to R) Bikini class Short, Medium, Tall (me!) and 35+

Back view: (L to R) Bikini class 35+, Tall (me!),  Medium, and Short
Here's some photos from the whole weekend's activities and "behind the scenes."
And we're off! My brother drove us to Auburn
for the show in the wee hours of the morning
I met Figure chicka Brogan backstage before pre-judging
in the morning. She looked great!
I also met Mary. Can you believe it was her first show?
Rockin' the "Glazed Donut" look

My awesome Navy friends, Daniel and Travis, came to support
me and stayed ALL day to wait for the evening show. So
grateful to have them there!! They yelled ridiculously loud :)
Backstage with the Overall Bikini winner, Anushka.
SUCH a sweetheart! She's on Tanji Johnson's Team Fitness

We went to Red Robin after for bacon cheeseburgers and endless fries :)
YUM. Our waiter was named "Bill Board" and he was awesome!

WATER!! I only was allowed to drink 1 oz of water with
each meal on Friday and Saturday so I was so excited to
have water on Sunday. My brother and I were kidding around
 with this fountain... I didn't actually drink the water! 

So, that's ONE of the cool things that happened this weekend! I still have a TON to cover so stay tuned :)

As of today:
I'm back at work and back on my diet and workout routine after taking Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off.

I have a new diet plan that is slightly higher in calorie content, and has more protein at each meal, as well as carbs more often (brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes). My workouts are the same style for lifting, but my cardio is down to an hour a day instead of two hours for contest-prep. Basically it's all just less intense post-competition so I can build some major MUSCLE in my legs before my next competition!

All for now!

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