Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Weekend (Part II)

I am excited about Thursday because it means I made it through my new  track/stadium stairs workout last night. My booty is sore!!

I am a big fan of outdoor workouts so that
makes the stadium workout a winner in my book

I just started a new month of Bombshell workouts and diet plan so say goodbye to the killer treadmill and stair-stepper workouts and hello to track workouts and lots of plyos. I am happy for the change... but it's kinda like switching one type of pain for another: ultimately about the same. Positive? No more double cardio sessions every day!! The 2 sessions/day was to really drop my body fat for competition, so they're no longer necessary... for now. I have yet to officially decide with coach Momma Bombshell on my next competition.

Meanwhile... back to my recap of my AWESOME weekend. What better way to start an awesome weekend than by worshiping our awesome God? No better way :) I went to CreationFest in Enumclaw, WA on Thursday last week before the competition to spend some time doing something way beyond myself... as the lyrics of a NewsBoys song says.

One of my favorite Christian artists are the NewsBoys, and although I missed seeing them preform (they were on Wednesday night) I bought their new cd - Born Again, and got one free because of a promo. Sweet! I gave the free one to my brother.

One CD for me, one for my bro

My brother described their sound as "if Hollywood Undead wasn't depressed and angry." Their lyrics will speak truth into your life in such a real, beautiful and catchy way :) My new favorite song is "Way Beyond Myself" and the current THEME SONG OF MY LIFE:
Oh the way we build our empires hoping to impress our friends
We've forgotten how to inspire those who fall to rise again
Oh my God, You've built this world to shake
You still love me in a personal way
So I think it's time to leave my doubt behind
There's so much more than meets the eye
Or what's going on inside
I believe in something way beyond myself
Like the wind that moves the leaves
Lord, You move me to my knees

My time at CreationFest was all too short...

Actually, I take that back.
It was the perfect amount of time for me to really focus and worship without stressing about needing to get back to work, or get ready for competition or anything else. I wouldn't have it any other way. I had such joy and peace on my heart all weekend after giving God the reins for the competition, no matter what the outcome. I know He was blessing my efforts already, but He really made His presence known this weekend and I am so grateful!

As soon as I got there I found my group from church and
staked out my spot on our blankets on the grass

Then it was time to worship! I had never heard of
Charmaine, but she had a great message and reminded
me of how we don't need to be perfect, God takes us as we are
and thinks we are incredibly beautiful and precious...
Just exactly what I needed to hear!!

After Charmaine's performance, there was a break in the concerts so
I wandered into the merchandise tent and got my CDs and a 
"Red-Eye" coffee in my mug that I bought at CreationFest last year. 
I entered to win a Ipod, but didn't end up winning :(
I actually really like asparagus, but with my Team Bombshell
diet I am required to eat 36 spears a day...which can be a bit
much. As you can imagine, this shirt is how I feel sometimes.

These guys came by when we were sitting on the
grass. Lol NO IDEA what bananas have to do with
CreationFest... but they were a kick!!

Also random... the guy in a monkey suit. Maybe he was just there
looking for the giant banana?

We had a lot in common, I love bananas too, so we were fast friends :)

Someday...I want one of these, or actually not this exact vehicle
from Chevy, but a similar style. This Chevy has the best
MPG in its class though and a bunch of great features.

My whole church group! We're waiting patiently for Thursday's
big concert to start... At night. (Spongebob anyone?)

The headliner was.... TOBY MAC!

There is now way you can sit down during his shows.
I was shakin' my hips, movin' and groovin' and praisin'
the whole time he was on stage :)

So that's CreationFest and we had it! It's weird how one day had such an impact on my mood and stress level for the Bikini competition and related busy-ness. Jesus is soooo powerful, I don't know how I could ever forget.
A nugget from God's word:
"Trust in the Lord and (drink coffee) do good; dwell in the land
and enjoy safe pasture (or picnic blanket :p).

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the
desires of your heart (like winning your Bikini show).

Commit your way to the Lord (and live way beyond yourself);
Trust in Him and He will do this."  
LOL of the Day:

WOW of the Day: THIS is parked outside the shipyard's secure area on the Navy base, meaning someone in here own it! Dang. It's a Lotus Elise.

Cool... But TINY.

FYI: It's National Hamburger Day! We went to Red Robin to celebrate :) NO I didn't have endless fries (tear); a Bikini girls gotta do what a Bikini girls gotta do.


  1. Hey Ruthie!
    Just wanted to introduce myself =) I am Jess, Leana's friend, she told me all about you. Love your post, especially the nuggets from God's word.


  2. Hi Jess! Nice to meet you :)

    Leana is such a beautiful soul, I can't believe how much we have in common! I wish I could stay in WA longer and hang out with you girls.

    I checked out your blog too and I LOVE how you mention Christ so openly, you go girl!

    ~ Ruthie