Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Bliss

So I definitely made some changes recently.

In the last month I have finished my Junior year of school (with a 3.95 GPA this semester - whoop whoop!!, moved to Washington, starting an internship at the Navy Shipyard (PSNS), and starting training and dieting under Bombshell Fitness to compete in NPC Bikini shows (first one as a Bombshell is in less than 2 months!) 

I really had to adjust my daily schedule when I moved to Washington. Although I just got here on Saturday, I feel I have already gotten into the groove of things and I have a sustainable, enjoyable, and effective morning routine that sets me up for a busy day of work. You have no idea how fast the time flies from getting off work at 4:10pm to 9pm (when my head should be hitting the pillow to get enough sleep to do it all over again!) I still have some kinks to work out with stream-lining my evening hours, but I have mastered my morning!

Good morning sunshine!

I strongly believe it is important to start each day with purpose. If you don't get up and get going with intention, even on those lazy days, relaxation or vacation days, or raining days - which I'll be seeing alot of - I have learned from experience that you'll find yourself feeling tired, dull, and like you wasted a day.

If you don't have a plan, you plan to fail.

Here's how I start my day off right,
1) 3:50 am - Alarm goes off
2) 4:00 am - Dressed/Brush teeth/Grab packed backpack and food cooler
3) 4:15 am - Out the Door/ Drive to Ferry

4) 4:30 am - Ferry to PSNS/ check personal email on phone/ listen to music
5) 5:00 am - Walk to Gym/ Listen to Bible reading plan <-- The most important part of my morning as far as determining myt attitude for the rest of the day!

6) 5:15am = Gym time!! - 1 hour of cardio/FOOD!!!/Shower
7) 7:00 am - Walk to work

8) 7:10am  - Start my day's Work of learning and helping at my PSNS internship

Boom: It's "My 8 before 8" ha-ha. My morning is definitely full, but it starts me off right and it's well planned, fullfilling, and empowering.  All before 8am! 

Disclaimer: These guidelines and schedule has only been tested
in WA, there's absolutely NO GUARANTEE it will work if you 
Wake Up In Vegas...

Here's a great article on the topic of "How to Become A Morning Person" by Jaime Baird, my fellow Bombshell athlete and an amazingly inspiring woman. I totally agree with her philosophy to "Begin as you wish to continue.”

Now go "WIN THE DAY" as Jaime would say ;)

God Bless,
~ Ruthie

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