Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weather or not it's practical, it's Fashion!

Hi friends!
Today is my second day of work at my engineering internship (click the link for more info on what the shipyard and I actually do) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and it's going well :) I've already been out on a submarine both today and yesterday. I also got to get new "safety shoes" this year (aka steel toes) but they're surprisingly awesome lol. They're Reeboks and look a lot like this:

Not too shabby for steel toes!

Of course, I can't wear them for anything else because they weigh at least a pound each with the steel toe... but I am all about having fashionable work shoes he-he. Also, they're waterproof which is super important here in the Seattle area. I almost wore flats, but decided to wear my brown leather boots to Seattle (aka my "Obi Wan Kenobi" boots according to my brother) and was soooo glad I did because it was cold and wet all day. But I have a feeling I will be making some fashion choices while I;m here that are just that: only for the sake of an outfit's stylish properties... not s omuch that it's practical. But,
Weather or Not it's Practical, it's Fashion!

~In other WA/summer/work news:
- Saturday night @ 7pm we got here, my brother drove out with me to Port Orchard (where my summer apartment is). On Sunday we took the ferry to Seattle because he had to catch the Greyhound bus back. We had quite the adventure using my GARMIN to navigate to the station. Lesson learned = just ask someone! We went in a huge circle and had to double-back from where the silly GPS thought we should go. Ugh. We saw a lot of interesting things though and made it fun, Matthew always makes everything fun! You may remember I brought him with me to my first Bikini competition in Missoula too. Best road-trip buddy ever!

-I met my new roomie, Kinjal, in Seattle after my brother left for home and we went for a little "window shopping" at the mall... but both ended up buying something lol. I bought some tan lace up booties (for work of course) and Kinjal got a fake engagement ring to fend off the Navy boys at work. No joke, it's a very real problem to deal with Navy guys hitting on you when you're trying to work on a carrier/submarine! If they think you're engaged, problem solved :) We got our goods from Forever XXII. I love this store for cheap, trendy and well-fitting (unlike Wet Seal).

There's a lot of really cute outfits at Forever XXII, like the ones inspired from a super cheap ($13) Forever 21 floppy hat! You'll be lookin' like J-Lo or Kim Kardashian in no time :)

Here's a few more interesting fashion and outfit-idea links:
~ Making a 'party tank' fashionable
~ Hot shoes for spring (and summer)
~ Have FUN with your make-up

Okay well that's it for now, lunch break is over!
Get out there and be fashionable at work/vacation/summer school (I hope not)!

   Ruthie <3

PS - I'll post some pictures from the trip to Seattle  when I get them uploaded to my computer, stay tuned!

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