Friday, May 20, 2011

Life Changes

Well friends,

Tonight is my last night in Whitehall for three months! I had a great time last night hanging out with my friends in Butte at Alli, Kadie, and Melissa's house. It was fun to get out before I left :) I'll miss my buddies!!

All the sexay girls :) ...
I'm pretty bright in my yellow dress I know lol.

I can hold my own against the beautiful Miss
Earth Montana don't-cha think!?

Mel and some of the boys lookin' cute
Alli being her gangsta self with Phil

Melissa with her 'nanner :)

Boys... being boys!

Last night with my favorite lifting buddy James :(

It was quite the night, my brother even came over. It was cool to have so many of my friends at the same place! I even played a game of beer pong (but lost to the Cali boys) and of course I didn't drink because "I am IN TRAINING!" I love saying that he-he.

Speaking of training, my Bombshell training is going well. It's no cake-walk though...
Here's an Update on my Bombshell Training:
  1)  I have found a way to mentally conquer the cardio (actually the physical part isn't as bad as the mental block for me). I've been doing it every day and pushing hard!
The Cybex Arc is NOT my friend

  2) I've been taking all my supplements, vitamins, and following my scheduled meal and lifting plan.
I haven't missed a single lifting day and I've been focusing really hard on the muscle I'm using. I really need to work on my glutes so I always be sure to make the mind-muscle connection when I lift glutes.

It's ALL about food prep!!
(and hiding the Peanut Butter)
   3) I love having a coach and teammates for support! Last week after a brutal cardio session I emailed Coach V. to ask if I should cut down my cardio since I was so incredibly sore after lifting. But she talked me through it... "We LIVE sore and hungry!" She told me... lol hmm so the positive side is I'm not alone in this!
My fitness coach, Coach V. (far left) with Nicole Nagrani,
The woman who started it all! "Momma Bombshell" aka Shannon Dey (center in grey)
and three of my Bombshell Teammates... if they can do it I CAN DO IT!!

   4) I still need to work on being 110% on my diet. Okay, so I may have substituted my "Meal #5" for a tablespoon of Peanut Butter on toast instead on sweet potato and olive oil... but I still had the salad! I know I know... Champions Don't Cheat. And I definitely want to be a champion, not just a competitor. I will conquer this... as I said in my last post, "with God all things are possible."

So that's it for now, next time I write it'll be from Washington after I start my internship at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Wish me luck!!

<3 Ruthie

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  1. I am of the opinion that you more than hold your own, next to Miss Earth Montana!!!