Thursday, May 26, 2011

~ Seattle Trip Photos ~

Ok Gang~ as promised, here's my pictures from Seattle with my brother Matthew :)

My new room

Walk in Closet!!

Matthew and I on the ferry

Check out the couple in the background :p

These kids were feeding the birds Cheetos


And we're here! Seattle :)

Mr. Otter

Lol. This shirt is so Matthew :p

Massive shrimps

Pike Place flowers

GORGEOUS colors!

Hmmm, ironic. Visit Montana?

Pretty flowers

It's cool too see references to God still exist in this country!

I'm off to bed, goodnight all!

<3 Ruthie


  1. Hey Ruthie!

    I have been reading your posts via the Montana Tech website and I absolutely love your blog. It is one of the reasons that I decided to create my own. I will be attending Montana Tech this fall. Here is my blog Please visit it if you have time.

    -Carly Johns

  2. Wow thanks Carly that totally made my day !

    I checked out your blog and it is so cute :) I can't wait to hear about your travels to Paris and Europe. My mom lived in France as a teenager (her dad was an Army general) and she's told me some great things about it.

    I would looovvvee to meet you in person when Fall classes get going @ Tech, its so cool you found me here thanks for commenting!