Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's In My BLOOD

Hi all!

Isn't it great that it's Wednesday already!? This week is flying by :) I am so glad this morning's cardio sesh is over because Wednesdays and Saturdays mean a killer treadmill workout with lunge, squat and sprint intervals for over an hour... all at an incline. The good thing is, I think this workout feels shorter every time because I am working my @$$ "on" - versus "off," because my coach says my workouts are going to build me the famous "Bombshell booty." Stay tuned ;) I think it's working!

So with this morning's workout over, it's all downhill from here. Literally! Wednesday night's lifting routine is one of the shorter ones too, just plyos and quads. Yessss. It couldn't come on a better day because I'm runnin' a little closer to empty than usual, because I gave blood today.

Today was the Armed Services Blood @ PSNS. I had to stand in line for almost 2 hours, but that's a small price to pay to help out our military.

Our military does sooo much more for us, it's the least I could do. All the donated blood will be used specifically for our armed forces and those who need blood both here and overseas and that makes me feel so proud I could donate. I am AB+ which is the universal receptor, but my blood donation interviewer told me they really needed my blood type right now so that was cool. What wasn't cool was when they took my blood.

Giving blood is ALWAYS a good thing to do!

Disclaimer: This is kinda gross, so if you're squeamish you might not wanna read on!

It was almost closing time at the shipyard by the time my friend Jon and I got through the paperwork, interview and Iron level testing, so I am sure all the crew wanted to get outa there quick; but hurrying and needles do NOT mix! I had a medic from Missouri taking my blood (they recruit military from all over for the ASBP). When he saw my veins here's what happened:

Military guy: "WHOA. Those are huge!"
Me: "Yeah, my mom is a nurse.. she calls them a 'roadmap'."
Military guy: "Road map? More like pipelines! I think I'll just use this big one."
Me: "Okay."
....He preps the area, gets out the bag, then uncovers the needle... I look away because I never like to watch this part, then...


Military guy: "Oh man! Dang it, I just had to be the one to get you. We've got a spurt-er."
...I look at the needle (yikes!)... There's blood splatter on the cuff, and the cotton gauze is totally saturated with blood.
Me: (winching) "Oh... is it okay? That's never happened before."
Military guy: "Man, yeah we're fine... you just must eat real healthy, it really wants to come outa there!"
Me: "Yeah I definitely do. Is that gonna stop bleeding?"
Military guy: (unconfidently) "Umm yeah, let me just hold it. Gosh why did I walk over here, I am just a medic not a phlebotomist!"

Really assuring right!? Well I guess I took a record LONG time to fill 400 cc's, and that poor guy couldn't get me outa there fast enough!

The good news? I will help a wounded soldier with my hard earned blood donation, I didn't have to be at work for 2 hours, and I got a cool t-shirt :p I wouldn't wanna do it again but it was still worth it.

I hope I didn't gross you out too much, but I had to share my traumatic story. I'm off to bed though, gotta wake up at 3:45 am.

~ Ruthie

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