Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little of Everything

This week had a lot of different things going on!
One thing I still need to work on is going to bed earlier, by the end of the week I am definitely feeling the effects of only 5-6hrs of sleep instead of 7-8hrs.. Hopefully this weekend I will catch up a bit. Nonetheless, it was a good week, here's a few highlights:

~ On the home-front, I am loving my house in Port Orchard. It's nice to not have carpet in the bathroom, a microwave that takes less than 10 min to make hot water, cable TV, a walk-in closet, and a washer/dryer in my house :) All things I didn't have in Butte! I am having a bit of an issue with my mail still, and the tanning (albeit free) is only open till 6pm and I usually don't get home until after 7pm because of lifting after work. But I did get to go 2 times this week so I am a happy camper!
Another cool thing about my apartment is random, adorable pets just appear from nowhere. On moving-in day a calico kitty visited my brother and I, and I found this poor parakeet in the parking lot one day after work.

Pretty little birdie

It flew away after I took the picture, and I haven't seen it since.
(which may be related to the kitty)

~ At work, I have been learning as much as possible about Noise and Vibration Diagnosis for submarine's rotary machinery. The group I work with at PSNS, the "Noise Boys" makes sure the sub stays quiet, and that the machinery is operating as efficiently and smoothly as possible (all of which are accomplished by minimizing excessive vibration). 

I got to drive our little "scooter" the other day and that was pretty cool. It's a stick shift and I haven't driven one for a while, but I still got it!

I also got to go into the sub's ballast tanks to check for any "noise deficiencies" aka: things that will rattle/clank/vibrate/make excessive noise. They're HUGE! My work-mate calls tanking "spelunking" because it's kinda like a cave in there.

We were up inside the "ballast tanks"as shown in this picture
The submarine is in dry dock (not sitting in water)
so luckily we didn't do this: Submerge!!
I really like working for the shipyard, we get to do stuff hardly anyone ever does on a daily basis! Keeps it interesting.

~ With my Team Bombshell training, I'm still grindin'! I had a good week last week but then sabotaged it at the end by WAY over eating at my cheat meal :/ I was stressed, bored, lonely, and tired which is terrible mix to add food to. Promise me you'll go for a run if you feel this way, not head for the fridge! Only bad things ensue...

But - my coach, Shannon Dey, still saw progress/improvement in my weekly progress pics so I must have come out ahead overall even with one bad day. I felt so guilty, gross (bloated and fat ugh) after cheating though I am CURED from thinking food will make me feel "comforted" when I'm having a bad day. I definitely didn't feel comfortable.
My diet and workout coach, Vanessa Campbell, gave me some good advice to "start each day fresh" and focus on doing my best in the PRESENT and forget about the past though. I had a great week for diet this week :D I didn't cheat at all!! Thank you Jesus for your strength!!

So, I am sure you're wondering if all this meticulous dieting and incessant working out is doing a body good? Well I am happy to report that I have noticed some more roundness in my booty, overall increased muscle size in my legs, and a more hourglass abs/stomach area. Oooh yeah it's workin' :) I can't wait for July 23rd when I get to compete again at the 2011 NPC Washington State Open Bikini Championships in Auburn, WA. Check out the countdown to this show here.

Speaking of my next Bikini competition....
My new competition suit got here last night!! I am soooo looking forward to rocking it! The color is much more contrasting on my skin tone than my last suit (see it here), the material is better, and cut is much more flattering I think. Of course, I will be all tanned to "hash brown" tint when I compete so the color will look different, but you get the idea.

Soooo, that's my week in review! Tonight I'll be hitting the gym to work out glutes and spend some extra time stretching and using the steam room (one of the best parts of it being the weekend) and then I'm going to make my meals for the week (which is quite the production). I think I'll watch one of the movies Kinjal assigned me to see from her "must see" list :p and drink my delicious chai tea with almond milk. So few calories, but sooo dang yummy!

Hopefully Kinjal gets home from Everett tonight and I'll have company! She works nights at the shipyard on the other side of the Puget Sound, so she stays over there all week and comes home on weekends. Last weekend we had fun shopping for our friend's birthday/bridal show gifts and painting our toes all summer-y.

You like? I did mine are coral (L),
and Kinjal's sea foam (R) 

Love and hugs to all my far off friends in MT, I miss you guys!
Anyone wanna come visit :) ?

xoxo Ruthie

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