Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~*~ Weekend Pictures + Zipfizz Giveaway!!! ~*~

~ Hi ya'll! 
I'll keep my recap of girl's weekend in Seattle brief because I am sure you all are much more interested in how to get FREE Zipfizz than what I did last weekend ;) If you are unfamiliar with Zipfizz read my review post of visit their website at the links below: 

God has a sense of humor when it comes to orchestrating his people's lives... Sometimes I just don't get the joke though! Funny thing is, Seattle was beautiful, sunny, warm and perfect when we were there; and as soon as we got home Montana got all cloudy, rainy, and cold! Boo. 

The weather held out long enough for us to have a great time celebrating Leeza's upcoming wedding, and we got some great pictures :) 

First, a little exploring after our 10 hour drive to get there...
Escalator fun :)

Look at this fun cup I found! It says, " Too Hot For My Bikini."
Then on to Pike's Place!

Ooo la la flowers <3 
We were saying it would be AWESOME if we could get Pike Place
flowers for the wedding! Anyone wanna make the trip to get them ;) ? 
And of course, a personal favorite... asparagus.
YUM. I love it! 

Whatdya know, there were several Zipfizz sightings in Seattle... the first, Protein Planet! I stopped in here to get a protein shake (of course) and spied a familiar little tube of energy :) 


On Saturday, Zipfizz was spied again after some robust shoe shopping left us seeking energy... 
Woot woot for Zipfizz! 

The loot was worth the energy it took to
find them, and at GREAT prices!
Both pairs of shoes for under $60 
All the girls LOVED Zipfizz and were asking me for it on the trip home. I ran out though from giving it away so next time I'll have to be sure to travel with lots of extras! 

We still found the energy to take silly pictures and have lots of fun though ;) 

Getting ready for dinner
Teaching Kellee a model T-pose, she's gettin' it! 
Besties 4 Life 
About as much as you will ever see me drink, a capful LOL. 
We work out ;)

Yup, told ya we work out lol. 
Bridal party picture with Momma Hencz,
Leeza and the girls awesome mommy (far right)
And Momma took one for us girls too. Finally, we're ready to go out!
~* Shoes *~ 

Ready for a GIVEAWAY now? Good, I thought so :) I am giving away a FREE sample pack of Zipfizz to 1 lucky winner! The prize pack includes: 
  1. All the Zipfizz flavors (duplicates of my favorites, for 7 total - a week's worth!) 
  2. A Zipfizz water bottle
  3. Zipfizz coupons and stickers

Why yes, there is a shameless trophy shot in the
background :p I worked hard for that thing! 

  • HOW TO ENTER. It's simple! Do the following 2 tasks on Facebook:
  1. "Like" & Share my Facebook fan page:
    1. Tag the page in the post (you'll have to "like it to do this) so I know you've entered.  
    2. If you can't tag it for some reason (Facebook mobile, ect), leave a comment below with your name so I know you shared the page! 
  2. "Like" & Share Zipfizz's page:
    1. Tag the page in the post again (you'll have to "like it to do this)
    2. Be sure you share BOTH pages or else your entry won't be complete!
  • ENDING: I will choose a winner by the END OF THE DAY (6pm - Mountain Time) 
  • WINNER: I will contact the winner via Facebook so be sure to tag the pages and check your messages to know if you won! 
Good luck everyone!! 

~ Ruthie 

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