Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Graduate

Some things are just so worth it.... 

Case and point: 4 years of devotion to school, late nights pouring over homework, early mornings up studying, weekends spent building dune buggy projects, days and days spent writing term papers, and oh... while you're at it why don't you tutor the underling engineers in their Statics, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics that you passed, and can now pass on your supreme knowledge to the fledgling aspiring graduates. 

Well, this weekend marked the end of a season for me. As far as the foreseeable future goes I am no longer a student. Not enrolled in classes, no teachers, no campus, no homohomework, and NO papers!! Oww oww!!! 

Peace OUT Tech, it's been real... 

Nothing is more fulfilling than graduating with honors; from the very same school my dear papa graduated from many years ago :) I am so proud and honored and blessed and just- relieved! 

Alumni <3 

I received the General Engineering Department's
Student Award for Outstanding Achievement. Booyah!! 


What does "The Graduate" do with her copious free time and lack of classes to attend? Ha, a whole lot less! 

So far I've been waking up far too late in the "morning," spending 3+ hours in the gym per day, and practicing walking/posng till my toes are numb. 

Practice makes perfect....
Just put one foot in front of the other! 

My friend, and an international beauty pageant queen ;) - Melissa - has been teaching me sooooooo many things I didnt know about how to place my feet/hands/hips/shoulders... heck, BODY, when I present for prejudging. Why didn't I ask her to coach me sooner!? All I can say is ya'll Bikini gurls betta watch out, there's a new fitness diva in town ;) 

I'm channeling Victoria's Secret catwalk
attitude for my walk and posing ;) 

I got some new kicks with ankle straps (vital for getting the right leg extension and stride for walking) and they're also a good inch taller- ya know, cuz I'm kinda short.. LOL. 

These babies are gonna carry me to my Pro card, you KNOW
the reason women accomplish great things is because of the shoes! 

So, besides all that walkin' stuff I am also tweaking my posing, most notably my back pose. You'll just have to wait and see the differences in that though... 


In other news, I am off to Seattle this weekend for my friend Leeza's bachelorette party. It's gonna be a BLAST and I can't wait. 

I attended my beautiful friend Staci's bachelorette party last weekend here in Butte. She's a Bikini competitior too, can you tell? 

Staci with herself as a Bikni-Staci cake :) 

That's all for now folks! I'll be out of town until Monday with Leeza's partay. Have a great weekend yourselves and enjoy all this nice summer weather!! 


~ Ruthie

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