Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 NPC Pittsburgh Recap

~ Ello loves :)

2012 NPC Pittsburgh was last weekend on May 5th. And whelp...
I went, I saw, I got 5th.

Hyyuuuggge trophy!

Bombshells in my class with our trophies :)

I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and go to amazing places, hang out with my incredible teammates, and show off my hard work among my peers. Yup, all top 5 of them gorgeous gals are BOMBSHELLS. It isn't too shabby to lose to the best there is :)

The top 5 in my height class

I am definitely excited to have made the podium at such a large and prestigious show, and I was SUPER excited about my progress since my last show. This is definitely the best package: hair, makeup, suit, body, posing, I have brought to the Bikini stage to date.


Of course, I wanted to WIN. I could almost taste it. I wanted it bad. I worked harder than ever. I practiced, practiced, practiced. I did plyometrics till I cried. I fought cravings and waged war on fat cells... I was ready!! So why only 5th? I was disappointed at first, not gonna lie. 5th? Don't you mean 1st? Nope. Not this time, it wasn't my show. It wasn't my time.

Chalk this one up to Rule #3

I called my mom first thing after getting off the stage and broke the good/bad news of my 5th place trophy. She was supportive but understanding, considering she knows very well how much I had put into earning a 1st place bid. Then, I sucked it up and put a smile on, and decided that hey, this IS a victory and this IS success for me so there is NO reason I should fret about not being the perfect image of what the judges wanted to see that night, because I know deep down that I had made such huge improvements - both mentally and physically -throughout the preparation for this show that no one and nothing could ever steal that joy from me!

I can't believe it's been a year already! I don't feel like the same person at
all. I feel so much BETTER :D

Winning is an attitude, a state of mind, a mentality. It says, "I was my best and I am proud of that." It says, "I overcame what held me back last time, and I am stronger now." It says, "I won already when I got to motivate and inspire my friends, family, and people that I don't even know by committing to a fit lifestyle." And to the girl who took home the big #1 trophy you so intensely desired, it says, "Congratulations, you earned it and you deserve it. I'm happy for you!!" THAT's winning, and that's what I will always strive to do :)

My friend, teammate and all-time biggest inspiration Jaime Baird said it best in her latest blog on FitnessRx: Winning Lessons

The time will come. I'll earn the top spot soon, but until then
I will work my butt off, enjoy the journey, and keep improving!

As always... blessings,
~ Ruthie

PS -  Gotta leave you with my favorite shot: the Bombshell booty! Lunge, squat, run, jump, repeat :)

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