Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Share.... Neon

How're my peeps? ;) 

Montana has morphed into Washington over here and refuses to stop raining, snowing, and being all gross, so that means I will: 
  • Listen to John Legend
  • Plan my bestie's 2nd (yes 2 ... she deserves it!) bachelorette party
  • Blog
  • Waste time on Pinterest
  • Do my nails
  • Cook things
  • Practice posing 
  • Remain indoors at the gym for 3+ hours at a time. 
Hey, never mind... I think I don't mind the rain! Let's discuss the previous items in no particular order. What does all this have to do with "NEON?" Stay tuned. 

Well dang-it John Legend has nothing to do with Neon but he is now the main man in my life and has taken over my iPod so I must declare his swoon-worthy, breathy, mesmerizing voice and ivory-tickling piano skills my #1 favorite thing about rainy days

HOW did I miss out on his musical deliciousness before!? I should be ashamed. I just discovered him while watching TV and stumbled across his new show with Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, "Duets." (something I never used to do before I graduated and actually have a bit of time on my hands).

All I can say is if you haven't seen "Duets," watch it! 

Moving on before I have a moment..... Ah yes, Neon! That would be related to  the next couple thangs: 
  • Bachelorette party
  • Blog
  • Waste time on Pinterest
Like so: the theme of Leeza's bachelorette partay is Neon, I am currently blogging about neon :p, and I have been wasting time "pinning" things on Pinterest all related to Neon! Ahhhh for the love of humanity it must stop! You can check out my Pinterest account for full disclosure, but here are a few examples just in case you are terrified to enter the black-hole that is Pinterest and feel it is best you do not tempt the procrastination/compulsive organizing and styling side of your brain... 

I. AM. IN. LOVE. <3 The shoes! The dress! The nails! The blazers! 

I am thrilled I get to find "neon" outfit for the party. Woop woop! 
This is gonna be fun :) 

The remainder of the list, ... will wait until a later blog sesh to cover, except the nails (see picture below) 
  • Do my nails
  • Cook things
  • Practice posing 
  • Remain indoors at the gym for 3+ hours at a time
I gotta stop blogging and get to the last thing on the list! Call me crazy but I love the gym and sometimes I forget all about time and end up spending half my day there. Ooops :-o

Shout out to my girl Beth for the accent nail inspiration ;) 

Tootsies and fingers ready for summer, now where's that sunshine?.... 

~ Ruthie


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