Monday, April 2, 2012

Ooo Pretty Colors...

~ Hi hi my friends!

Today I'm blogging about some lovely style, fitness, and general-awesomeness inspiration :p 
I definitely have Spring Fever and I can't seem to shake it! Well, it may still be cold over here in MT but maybe if I embrace it with some colorful, lively and beautiful things the warm weather will come around and stay for a while he-he. 

♥ First up is Ombre manicures

--- Inspiration--- 

I couldn't stop looking at this style on Pinterest so I decided to give it a try! 
Here's my new colorful manicure: 

I added a white glitter accent nail to spice it
up even just a lil' bit more ;-)

♥ Next up is: Colorful athletic shoes

--- Inspiration--- 

I don't need new shoes so I didn't get any new ones, but I sure have my eye on a few he-he. 
I do have some colorful new socks to wear with my tennies though, thanks to my girl Kerri Baker :) 

I already have these nice colorful Nikes... 

... And now I have socks to match!!
My teammates are so thoughtful and sweet, thanks Kerri :) 

♥ Last but not least, Bright gym tops and pants. Ooo la la :) 

--- Inspiration--- 

The one and only IFBB Pro Amanda Latona!
My beautiful Bombshell teammate: Anna 
Check out the colorful pants on my tall drink of
wata friend, and fellow Bikini competitor Bekah. Wowza! 
I competely believe that if you like what you're wearing you workout harder, better, and have more fun!!  Here's what I wore :) 

Leopard, grrrrrr.

In honor of Amanda Latona, blue booty pants he-he

So that's how I am getting into the spring spirit! What're you doing to get ready for warm weather? (Besides working out and eating clean to get that bikini body for the beach! Riiiiggggghhhhttttt??? Not too late to start if you haven't!) 

Spring is a GREAT time to take your workout OUTSIDE! 

An awesome way to get COLORFUL, HEALTHY energy is Zipfizz drink mix, I honestly use this every day  and as contest prep get tougher and more energy draining I am so grateful for the extra edge! Check it out here:, and remember it's available at most Walmarts and Costcos among other stores. 

I love me some Zipfizz. 

Speaking of springtime and warmer weather, I'd like to send a huge thank you to Fuel Fitness in Butte, MT for sponsoring me with free tanning in preparation for my upcoming show- NPC Pittsburgh (5 more weeks!!) I love being able to warm up and get a golden glow even when it's blizzarding outside. Thank you thank you!! :) 


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