Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Share ... Nationals-Worthy Playlist

~ Good evening!
Tonight I got all my travel arrangements double-checked for my flight to Miami on Thursday morning to go to Nationals... boy am I excited!! I still need to find someone to drive over to Bozeman with me from Butte to take my car back to Butte... any takers :) ? I got a much cheaper flight that comes back to Helena instead of Bozeman otherwise I'd just leave it there. So leaving bright and early at 6:45am from Butte to Bozeman it is!

I was sick last week and that really made me nervous about my contest prep, it's not exactly ideal when you can't even make it up the hill to school without being exhausted :/ Coach Momma Bombshell had me take Wednesday and Thursday off  of lifting and cardio to recover, which I definitely needed to do but oy I was NOT happy about it! After much prayer, sleep, and DayQuil I am feeling much better now though :)

I got to lift on Friday, Saturday, and today to catch up a bit on what I missed and the 5am wake up call tm will usher in another week of morning cardio! It'll be fun though because of my awesome "Nationals" playlist on my brand-spankin'-new iPhone. Here's today's share, My Nationals Ipod Playlist:

I'll be jammin' to that in t - 8 hours so it's time for bed! Sweet dreams :)


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