Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miami Nationals Recap

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend... It's really hard to grasp that just 5 days ago I was in sunny Miami staying in the most gorgeous hotel I've ever seen- the Ganesvoort- and hanging out with my Bombshell teammates enjoying the 80 degree weather and all the hustle and bustle of NPC Nationals. I am such a blessed girl!! I got 2nd place in my first national show, against a record number of competitors, and I had a BLAST doing it :)

2nd place!! Thank you God for blessing me with
such an incredible experience and great placing in
my first national show

The top 5 Bikini F class ladies --> the TALL girls :)

The OVERALL Bikini winner, she competed
in the Bikini A class. Congrats girl!
**I got interviewed by the popular fitness website after the show, read it here! Spotlight On: Ruthie Harrison **

I got to meet IFBB Bikini Pro Jamie Baird, IFBB Figure Pro (and Olympia AND Arnold winner) Nicole Wilkins, and many other amazing athletes like my Bombshell roommates - Kimberly Renee Pritchett and Star Bradley.

Record setting IFBB Figure Pro Nicole Wilkins

Bombshell roomies <3

I thought it would be nerve-racking to compete in a National bikini competition, but it was surprisingly mellow. Maybe because my only duty was to meticulously perfect my hair, makeup, tan, and suit :p A HUGE thank you to  coach Momma Bombshell for borrowing a $500+ suit from CJ's Elite Competition suits for me for the competition!!

It fit me so much better than my own suit. It was truly perfect - the most flattering shade of metallic blue with gorgeous crystal straps... Thank you thank you CJ!!

The master suit-maker CJ and I

Let me just say Miami was incredible! The best part of competing is ALWAYS meeting new people. It's eye-opening to hear how women got into this sport, how they have had to make sacrifices, overcome obstacles, and work hard every single day to finally get to the point of competing and getting on stage!

Bombshells Jennifer Elliot, me and Bianca Berry
Reunited again after meeting at Bombshell camp

My amazingly inspirational friend Nicole, aka Chocolate Barbie :)

New friends! :)

 I love sharing the experience of showcasing all the hard work of the last few months of prep with my fellow competitors because we all realize that although it's all glam, rhinestones, and tan on show day, it's so NOT fabulous to get there... it's HARD WORK. Sweat and hunger are just the obvious ones, what people don't see is the mental work... Every time I compete I realize more and more how much this is a MENTAL game more than anything. You MUST believe in yourself, you must ignore negative emotions and press on through the doubt, you must press onward (especially) when you feel like giving up, you must have peace and be calm and poised despite it all, and just keep working hard! I am still learning how to enjoy the journey not just the destination, and to find joy in each day that I am one step closer to my dream. 

Speaking of the enjoying the journey, we went out to dinner at a cool little local burgers and shakes places after the Finals and then went dancing till 4am at the official after-party. LOL yes I had to fly out at 9am.... let's just say I definitely slept on the plane. On Sunday and Monday I indulged in some of the things I haven't had in a long time since I've been on contest prep - Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, Reese's PB cups, pizza, granola (oh how I love granola!), trail mix (a serious weakness of mine), and drum roll... PEANUT BUTTER :D I put peanut butter on everything from bananas, toast, and protein bars, to my oatmeal and greek yogurt (another yummy treat I haven't had in a long time). I think I PB'd myself out!! I am shocked to be typing this, but I think my taste buds have changed since being on my contest diet because I honestly don't crave PB anymore :o WHAT!!?

Needless to say, after all that I am excited to eat on plan again and to start my new "improvement season" Bombshell plan. Although the 2011 competition is now over and I won't be on stage again until probably May (haven't chosen my next show yet), I am 100% committed to my Bombshell diet and workout plan. I'm really looking forward to seeing changes after "improvement season" and bring an even better package in 2012! Momma Bombshell said I looked "the best I've ever looked" at this show and that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish! I feel so thrilled to have made my coach proud :)

I am proud of what I accomplished this season
and I am excited and motivated to put in the
work to come back even BETTER for 2012

~ A huge Thank You to my Friends, Family, Sponsors, & Supporters <3 ~
The best way to end this season and to enter the holidays (yay for Thanksgiving!) is to recognize and thank all the people who blessed me in so many ways this year. You've helped me be the best version of me, and to push myself to where I never thought I could go and accomplish what I never thought I could accomplish. I love you; you make my life full of joy, love, and exciting. You make success more rewarding, victory sweeter, pain more bearable, and the struggles more manageable. THANK YOU <3

Thank you... to my coaches Momma Bombshell - Shannon Dey, Rob Rosetti, Vanessa Campbell, and Gennifer Strombo.... to my family, mom, daddy, Sarah, and Matthew to my "homies," forever friends, and never-doubting supporters, April Greer, Melissa, Cameron, Tom, Leeza, Kinjal, Ami, Owen, Jerika, Grace, Jennifer D Christianson-Blansfield,  Luke Hooten, Joleen Barce, Kiana Phi, Kyle Lopez, and well you know who you are :) ... to my classmates (thanks for putting up with my carb-depleted dumb-moments and me being late to class because of a late cardio session hehe) ... to and all my amazingly inspirational and supportive Bombshell teammates, especially Nicole Mc, Samatha Kozak Billig, Elizabeth Clarke, Kimberly Pritchett, Celeste Blair, Kerry Baker, Katie Wallace, Abby Clark, Andrea Romero, Bonnie Noel... the list goes on! Bombshells rock xoxo.... to my awesome sponsors ZipFizz, Ann and Frank Gilmore, and Greg Jones (I literally couldn't do it without you!!).... to my fellow competitors for inspiring me and showing me it IS worth it and it IS possible.

** Please continue to support me by voting in the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search. There's only one week left of voting before the Top 20 go to the FINALS!! Click the link given here: Contest Voting Site. Go to the "view women" tab and scroll down to find my screen name, "L4eternal" :) **

Thank you to everyone who's supports me... it means so much more to me than you know! Be blessed this Thanksgiving and always <3

~ Ruthie

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  1. I kind of randomly stumbled across your blog. I really appreciate everything you said and how you described your experience. People don't understand how much work, determination, blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get up on stage. You looked amazing! I wish you the best of luck on your way to your pro card! :)