Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Caught in the Web {-x-}

Hey howdy hey ya'll!

How was your Halloween Weekend? I didn't dress up, go out, or do anything Halloween related at all (unless you count writing this post :p) 

Here's the share of the week considering I was busy working on my senior design project, Barracuda Dune Buggy ( :-) ! ) and didn't post a "Sunday Share." (sorry guys!!) Here's a few photos "sharing" what we did on our project on Sunday.

This is the roll bar of our dune buggy, on Sunday we
added several braces to the center.

First we bent our roll bar in a little more at the bottom so
it would fit to the bottom frame of the buggy

Let the sparks fly!!

We (that's me ^ ) drilled the ends of the braces to
fit them to the round tubing of the roll bar

What we accomplished by the end of the day :)


My Halloween theme goes about as far as this... I spy an itsy bitsy spider weaving it's little web all across the internet... and it's me! I've recently been pulished a few places so I rounded them all up for you entertainment. Enjoy!

~ Interview with Figure Bikini blog: Ruthie Harrison - On The Rise

~ Technocrat article: Local Food Review: Crepes!

~ BodySpace Spokesmodel Search: Vote for me!

I need you here!! Please vote for me by clicking the above link and finding my profile under the "View Women" tab. My profile name is: "L4eternal"

I really would be so honored to win. It would be such an incredible opportunity to
help others and be a voice of inspiration.


In other news...  Nationals update: GREAT feedback from Momma Bombshell on my progress pictures this morning, some diet and workout changes to go along with it, and only 16 days to go till Nationals!! My latest progress pics:

I'm not slowing down though because I am doing well, I'm pushing even harder!! Why? Because this is the time tht separates the winners from the almost... I want to give it 100% so I can know I brought my personal best and didn't give up or hold back.

Have a blessed and fruitful rest of your week! And don't forget to vote for me every day, there's no limit to how often or how many times you can vote :)

Ruthie xoxo

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