Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration: I Heart Her ... Hair and Blogs

Gooood afternoon everyone,

It's.... A great day (Weeedddnesday)!
I started out this week with a little cray cray (read: car wreck :/ ... see below) 

My poor little Neon got a boo-boo
BUT the other driver was at fault so I can get it fixed
with his insurance company's $$. Score!

But now as of today life is good. Why? Because I said so! I am loving this Facebook post by my awesome/fabulous/inspiration/gorgeous/supafit/Bombshell friend Nicole McClain:

"I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse!

Stop with all the excuses! While you're sitting there thinking of another reason you CAN'T someone busier, more dedicated, in a worse situation than you is showing that it CAN be done! Get out of your head! Stop dreaming about what you want and make it a reality! Enough with all the excuses, self-pity, doubt! Not me or anyone else can give you confidence! You'll be truly amazed at what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it! xo"

"Never put yourself down! If you don't think you're awesome...why should anyone else! Don't worry about what you don't have be thankful about what you do have! We are all blessed and beautiful in our own ways! OWN it!"

To get awesome inspiration, quotes, and fitness facts like these be sure to "like" Nicole's athlete page on Facebook! Click here: Nic Mc - Chocolate Barbie

Another equally as iwesome/fabulous/inspiration/gorgeous/supafit/Bombshell friend is Andrea Romero. You should DEFINITELY follow her bloggie. Go here to read it: Love♥Fitness. Something she said in her latest post really struck me as profound:

 "There is so much to learn about the value of relationships you make,
maintain and enrich throughout your life."

Love it!

So on to my bloggie :p... Today I wanna share with you something light, fun, and off the regular fitness path. Hair inspiration! I am loving that my hair is growing back out (albeit slowly) and I can't wait to rock long, luscious locks again! I know by the start of the new year I will be close :)

My hair's current length is defintely in "Power Tresses" territory.
Definition Here: Power Tresses 

I have a thing for the "Fox News" haircut/style/length ... is it just me or does their hair always look gorgeous!?
The "Fox News' look

Speaking of hair in the news, if you're in the same boat as me and trying to grow your heair out, read this good article on what to eat to grow your hair out fast: Top 10 Foods That Improve Your Hair

Here's more Gorgeous Hair Inspirations courtesy of celebrities :) ...

Mgean Fox always rocks long flowing
locks. I like my hair blonde, but I can appreciate
a good brunette too :)

No hair post would be complete without a
picture of the famous Jennifer Aniston hair!

Beyonce is one girl who can rock a million different hair styles
and look equally as good in all of them.

THIS is what I want my hair to look like.
<3 Jessica Simpson

In like 10 years when my hair finally grows this
long (just kidding) I'll want this hairstyle

Yup. I am Jessica Simpson obsessed today!

Scarlett Johansson has a special place in my
heart because I totally consider her the epitome
of "Blonde Bombshell" Two things I'm
all about ;)

So, I may not be quite where I wanna be with my hair yet. But it could be worse!!
At least my hair doesn't look like this:

Oh Donald, how your hair does what it does continues to
amaze me. I'm befuddled.

Have a great rest of the week ya'll! MAKE it great, because you said so!


Ruthie xoxo

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