Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Share... Sermon

Good afternoon! I hope your Sunday is as bright and beautiful as the weather in MT today. I love Fall for days like today :)

 Today's share is the message from this morning's service. It was so good I just had to share.
Bible Passage: John 5:1-15
John tells the story of a crippled man who has been trying for 38 years to get healed in the waters at Bethesda, but he was still afflicted and broken. Jesus came to Bethesda and asked the man, "Do You Want To Get Well?" Read the story in the Bible by clicking here.

This question was the focus of pastor Tim Moslander's sermon. "Do You Want To Get Well?" You will soon be able to find the sermon in the "Recent Sermons" at my church's website: Abundant Life Felllowship website, but here are my notes from the message:

~ To get well we must...
  1. See the desire of Jesus to heal our brokeness. (vs. 1-6)
    • God WANTS to do a miracle in your life, He does! 
    • It brings Him joy and it is His nature to want only the best for His people. As soon as you and I truly believe this we will be able to accept His free gift of healing and start the process to recovery from whatever hurts us.
  2. Stir into action upon the Lord's command (vs. 6-9)
    • Stop making excuses. (v. 7)
    • Be ready to ACT. (v. 8)
      • Apply God's Word.
      • Cut off all possibility of going back.
        • Burn bridges! Remove the option of goingback to the things that make me sick!
        • "Some things you just roll up and put away."
        • Burn the bridges of lies and isolationism. Don't stay alone.
      • Take one step at a time.

        • But Jesus, how do I live this life trusting in you and living with joy. peace, and success? He has a plan. Just follow the next step... "Step one, step two..." Don't go back to the mat. Don't lose faith.
        • Just keep swimming!!
  1. Submit to a changed life.
    • It's different now, YOU are different now. You think different, act different, live different. 
    • Jesus broke all the old rules on purpose! He freed you.
    • He is rest. He'll give you rest from the constant struggle of living up to your old "fixes," rules, and attempts to measure up.
    • Now that I am healed and changed I can:
      1. Host the presense of God (v. 14)
        • Give God 1st priority in every single thing.
      2. Know who I am in Jesus. (v. 14)
        • "Loved, peaceful, joyful, healed"... Apply it to my mind!
      3. Live a life of repentance.
        • Forsake the old sins. Never again!
        • It's different to "fall" into sin and slip up when you were aiming at living righteously, versus living in sin and holding onto that security blanket.
      4. Give Jesus all the credit. (v. 15)
        • It was Him who gave you this new life and health, no one can do it without Him! 

So let's get healed, and then get out there and walk in His will
for our lives! I know that to follow Him I have had to throw off my old sins,
the crutches of things I thought I wanted and even needed, and the old
mindset of being a victim, being trapped, and being "just this way"
Free your mind from Satan's lies and walk in the rest of God's grace.


~ Ruthie

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