Monday, September 19, 2011

In Print

Hey guys!

As of recently, I officially no longer blog for Montana Tech as a student life blogger. However, I still work for the school...but i an exciting new position: I am a health and fitness lifestyle writer for the school's paper, the Technocrat.

Read my latest work at the links below :)

I apologize for not getting a "Sunday Share" up yesterday. It was a crazy weekend at the Olympia Expo filled with amazing memories, new experiences and new friends. BUT.. when it came time to leave Vegas had a different plan for me...

Take it from me, DON'T "Go green" at the airport. I thought I was being all eco-friendly by using mobile check-in, but it sure wasn't good for my world. My mobile check in code worked at the Delta check-in counter and to check my bag but NOT for the TSA security checkpoint. It took so long to sort it out I missed my flight home.

Not such a great idea...

Word to the wise: Print ALL boarding documents. Even in you want to use mobile check-in, use the paper ticket as a backup in case things don't go as planned. I got stuck in Vegas an extra night, had to get a hotel, missed class, and even got airsick on the connection flight from SLC to Butte on the way back!! The moral of the story is to never only have "Plan A."

Goodnight all + blessings,

~ Ruthie

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