Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mall Madness

Since I got to the Seattle area for the summer, I haven't been completely honest with you. Today I am feeling guilty, so I have a confession to make ... I have been a bad, bad girl.

Shopping Confession #1: I have commited the girl's biggest 'new-to-a-city-with-decent-shopping' rookie mistake..... Going to the mall!

I have succum to the magnetic power of the copious number of shopping centers surrounding my new home in Port Orchard. Unfortunately, I have made faaarrr to many purchases. Eeek! I have too many financially challenging endeavors in my future (read: rent, college, competitions, Team Bombshell camp, and another cool trip I'll tell you about in a later post :D ....) to spend my nice PSNS paychecks at Forever21, Macys, and Kohls!

Really, the last thing I need is more tank tops and scented lotion, but when all you want is pancakes and banana bread, sometimes you curb your cravings with "Banana Bread" scented lotion and an outfit inspired by cupcakes. CollegeFashion has some really adorable outfits in their post on 5 Looks Inspired By Sweet Treats. I was skeptical of the title at first, but once I scrolled through the outfits I think they're onto something!

I may not be able to eat a cupcake since I'm on contest prep diet for my NPC Bikini show on July 23rd... but one thing I can do is have fun with my outfits, so I am digging the idea of dressing like a cupcake instead of eating them and paying for it on comp. day :p

These are my two favorite outfits from the "Sweet Treats" looks -
The "Popsicle" outfit

The "Cupcake" outfit

Aren't both those dresses just Devinne!? Delicious.
Which outfits did you like best? 

The "Sweet Treats" outfits are just one example of the idea of taking some inspiration -such as a movie, candy, roses, a particlar color or trend, a decade, a music genre or artist, food, ect - and making outfits inspired by the it's appearance or 'persona' if you will. This presention is known as a "style board," and I love the concept because it's like shopping art, how fabulous :)

I am all about style boards lately! It's like window shopping (which I need to do more of, and less of the actual shopping) but better because someone more fashionable than I put togther a fabulous outfit already :) I bought these shoes a couple weeks ago because I fell in love with them and just had to have them when Kinjal and I went to Forever 21 (so <$20!) my first weekend in Seattle.

Is it bad that I've bought a pair of shoes for
every week I've been in Seattle? :-o
But then I realized I have nothing to wear them with! Arrgg. And darn my Montana girl-jeans and tee upbringing, I was stumped about what to buy to wear them with too. Enter Polyvore to the rescue! Did you get on any check it out after Friday's post? Best. Site. Ever. 

Disclaimer: Use Polyvore with caution. Ladies, you will waste endless hours if you're not careful. Please plan you To-Do list accordingly.
The nail polish! The dress! The SHOES!
... It can be hard to pull yourself away.

Somewhere between hour 2 and 4 of surfing through zillions and zillions of fabulous finds and OMG-I-want-thant-now shoes, purses, and dresses oh my I found the cutest outfit for my new shoes :) 

The skirt here is from Abercrombie            

I already have the belt and tank for it, and the puurrrfect my new lace-up shoes...so the only new purchase I'll be makin' is the floral skirt. But I don't dare step foot in a mall this weekend to look for one. No more shopping until I pay for that cool trip I mention above. 

Shopping Confession #2: I re-discovered online shopping

Darn eBay and PayPal for making it so easy to buy things online! I recently bought a couple pieces of Betsey Johnson jewelry from eBay, like these wildy appropriate (for working at a Navy shipyard) earrings:
I rocked these at work on Wednesday :)
 Then, while I was online I wandered over to Guess? and found these awesome shoes - on sale of course - the sale and the sparkles got me!

'Oo-La-La,' yes?

I have made one sensible purchase lately though! Yesterday I picked up a headset from Staples so I can Skype with my sister in Australia and the rest of my family back in Montana. This is one purchase that is defintely not a bad thing!

Stylin'? Not so much, functional? Yes.
 Now I hope not - but if I have been a bad influence on you with all my shopping... at least get a good deal :p ... Here's the current "Coupons & Sales." 

~~ Coming Up: ~~
I am proud to say I stayed far far away from shopping centers over the weekend. (I think I deserve some brownie points - or maybe just a brownie ;) - considering Friday was payday.) I may not have shopped, but I still scored an amazing purse... for FREE. How? You'll have to wait and see... (Hint: I had a special visitor this weekend!)

Ah, I feel so much better with that off my chest :)
That's all for now folks!


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