Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Happy Thursday!
I am so excited for the long weekend :) Last weekend proved awesome because my dad made a last minute visit, he flew here from Montana in his plane and got here Saturday about noon.
The best investment ever! I am so glad my dad has
a plane so it only takes him 4 hours to come see me.

I was soooo homesick last week it really was just what the doctor ordered. I love my daddy :) Fun fact: I have always been the "daddy's girl" of the family, he used to call me his "best helper" because I'd follow him around the garage and bring him the tools he needed.

Here's a couple photos from his visit:

On Saturday, we happened upon Port Orchard's Fathoms O' Fun street fair and parade. I didn't even know it was going on until we drove down by the water and there were cops directing traffic and kids with Popsicles everywhere!
Daddy and I at the waterfront

At the waterfront there were tons of street vendors and my dad, being the sweet-heart he is, bought me a lovely new purse (which is how I got that free purse I was talking about). It's a silver hobo-style bag with a woven design on the front and really soft leather. The lining is hot pink! Did I mention I <3 my daddy!? I do :) I'll think of him every time I use it.

In the parade, there was one really cool float in the parade that caught my eye. On the back of one truck there was a piece of one of the beams from the World Trade Center. It was chilling to see such a tragic and life-changing piece of American history in person. It's hard to think that 9/11 is already 10 years ago.

I was honored to witness a tribute to 9/11

It made me think of all those serving our country
to fight the war on Terror to see the beam 
 So many people in my everyday life are serving our country in the Navy I almost forget what a sacrifice and a service they are doing. It's our military that keeps events like 9/11 from happening more often, and they're working every second of every day to protect us and keep us safe. Thank you to all our soldiers and especially to my own brother, Matthew, who serves in the Marines. I appreciate your service.

Be sure to remember what the 4th of July is all about this weekend: Our Independence. We wouldn't have that independence without those who defend our country to keep us free.

Sadly, he had to go home eventually... so at the crack of dawn on Monday morning I took him to the airport before work.
Kiss goodbye before daddy took-off for MT

We had such a fun weekend of bonding time! Besides having a ball at the street fair, we had long talks, long walks, watched the movie "Up In the Air" together, cooked together, went to church, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Be sure to love on your family often, they'll always be your biggest fans.
Have a great night, I'm off to the gym as usual!


PS - Bombshell training updates coming soon :)

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