Friday, February 11, 2011

There's A Point

Happy Friday everyone,

This time around I couldn't be more looking forward to getting home and throwing off my backpack for a couple days. I'm so sick of hauling around books and filling pages and pages of  engineering paper with calculations, free body diagrams, graphs of heat flux as a function of film thickness, and Pro-E drawings. My mind will explode if I see another integral form of fluid or heat flow. The only fluid/heat flow I wanna study is filling my tub for a nice relaxing bubble bath. T minus 8 hours :)

Do you ever need to remind yourself why you're putting yourself through the stress and mental drain of going to college for a hard degree? I sure do. Sometimes I think it'd just be so much simpler to join the military or live with my parents for the rest of my life... just kidding on that last one... In case you need reminding too, I found some sweet reasons to get that hard-earned a college degree, especially in the field of engineering, technology, or health care.

    >>Fastest Growing Job Fields in 2011       
                               - (According to
    1. Scientific and technical consulting, including all engineers, especially industrial engineers; and financial analysts
    2. Computer systems design and related fields- again including engineers of the computer software engineer variety, network and computer systems administrators; accountants and auditors; and computer support specialists
    3. Software publishers- Hottest jobs in this field: network and computer systems administrators; computer systems analysts; computer support specialists; market research analysts; and customer service representatives
    4. Scientific research and development services- You guessed it, engineers! biomedical engineers; and biochemists, biophysicists and medical scientists.
    5. Health Care- Shout out to South Campus! The list included: physician assistants; physical therapist aides; speech-language pathologists; physical therapist assistants; and physical therapists
    6. Construction- The best outlook is for the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers; septic; telecommunications equipment installers and repairers.

If case you didn't notice, Tech offers degrees in most if not all of these general fields. Not too shabby! Ok, so I guess I am still glad I go to engineering school. For many of us the starting point to getting a job upon graduation will be an internship, so here's a a few good links: 

On a final note, Happy Birthday and thank you to Thomas Edison for sticking with it after countless failed filaments to finally patent the first "Incandescent Light Bulb." He spent years trying to get it roight, but he never gave up. In his words:

"Have faith and go forward." 

All my best, and if I don't talk to you guys before Monday... Have a Happy Valentines Day!
<3 Ruthie

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