Monday, December 20, 2010

Thankfulness, Food, Family and Adventure ... in Pictures!

Hello there everyone,

Well we did it my fellow Techies: Fall semester is over! I hope you all ended your Fall semester on a good note. I know I am happy with how it all came whirling to an end. I possibly even got out with all A's ... pending a TBA grade in First Resonder. But regardless, I worked hard and that's what counts.

By now school feels like a distant memory, happily forgotten and replaced by much warmer and fuzzier thoughts.  I hope you're spending the holidays at home, nested into the warmth of friends, family and the surreal glow of having almost an entire month free of school, long cold walk to school, and late night studying. Wahoo! I am so happy to be typing those words :)

Here's a few pics from my Thanksgiving break, when Joey visited and we had a dinner at my parents house. Sit back and enjoy while sipping cocoa and cuddling with your Mr Whiskers on the couch.

The spread

Yum yum! Thanksgiving is my favorite :)

Daddy reading to us from the Bible

Payton only wishes he could join us!

Movie night!

Relaxing on the couch after dinner

Waiting patiently for Victoria's Secret to open @ 6am on
the day after Thanksgiving in Bozeman

Look at all the pretty panties! Haha.

Packing up the goods
About to hit bargain central: ROSS!  :)

Luckily Leeza stayed wide awake for the drive home....

.... the other girls, not so much

The next day Joey and I went shooting...
I actually have a crazy story about our shooting adventure... ...
When Joey was shooting the handgun, it basically exploded in his hand!...

 ...He pulled the trigger and bang: a piece of the gun, right below
the barrel got blown off and the clip shot out the bottom in three pieces...

It was super scary because we both realized either of us could have been shot.
Kinda made us EXTRA thankful on Thanksgiving got what we have!

Needless to say, we had enough adventure for one
day, and took it easy in Butte that night

I cut my bangs! And I'd say I did a pretty good job eh?

The next day Joey had to fly out from Missoula,
 we thought this huge tree looked very Christmasy with all the snow

We went to dinner @ Finnegans before he took off,
my Dad snapped this picture of us before we left
~Untill next time friends! My next adventures include getting a Christmas tree, another trip (I'll keep it a suprise to where) and more.... 

Enjoy your evening and I'll talk to you soon. 

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