Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movie Madness!

Has it really been two weeks since I last wrote!? Gees Louise time flies. I guess I should just hit the highlights since I last posted, and not bore you with all the details this time...  I do have alot on my mind today, bur I will do my best :p. Of course, I tell myself you wouldn't be bored anyways; and what I don't know can't hurt me...
I basically had NO time the week of the Nov 28th-Dec 4th for anything fun, much less to blog because of the final haul in E Circuits Lab and Strengths: Two classes which I am happy to report I have passed with A's!!! Whoop whoop. Circuits is my eternal nemesis, has been since high school... so I consider this a huge victory. My last two weeks can pretty much be summed up by: Time Well Spent, and Grades Hard Earned.  

Thanksgiving was perfect.

A bright and delicious success! I had a great time with "mia familia" and Joey. We watched some of the Cake Boss Marathon so excuse me for trying to be Italian now.

I would love to see one of the cakes from Carlos Bakery in person.

 We also watched a ton of movies, like I warned you. I think I'll just review a few of them instead of trying to cover everything I did in the last two weeks in one post. We ended up watching:
  • "Toy Story" - The original. Still as awesome as I remember :) = 10/10 
  • "Alice in Wonderland" - I felt as if I had fallen down the rabbit whole... this movie was all over the place.
Johny Depp seriously has orange hair? Did that tiny mouse really just stab out the Jabberwocky's eye with a needle? Btw, did you know the Jabberwocky is Count Dooku?..Saruman the White? and Dr. Wonka? Random! One thing didn't like was Anne Hathaway as the White Queen I felt she was incredibly mis-cast for this. I see her and think of chick flicks and comedies like Valentine's Day, Bride Wars, and Get Smart; which she was great in. Here I felt she was incredibly out of place.
 I was in the mood to be taken to a far off Wonderland though... so I give it 8/10.  
  •   "The Notebook," -Yes I taked Joey into watching this, and YES I cried like a baby at the end! Everytime.
 If you are a guy, and you've never seen this movie. I think you should see it, Joey actually said he found the story line interesting. It's kinda like Pearl Harbor in a way, with the war going on amidst a love story. Different war, same idea. Always: 10/10. 

  •  "Killers"-  I was pleasantly suprised by this one. I was prepared to grit my teeth and bare it because Joey and the parents all actually agreed on a movie someone hadn't already seen, but I ended up enjoying it.
I actually bought the marriage chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, and even though it was pretty ridiculous what they lived through: The gun fights, car wrecks, assassins who were worse shots than a blind monkey... ect... ie: The latest Indiana Jones. I still enjoyed it. I think I would like any thing with Ashton in it! I'm positive he did this movie just because he always wanted to play a James Bond style secret agent. But hey, that's just the kinda thing you get to do when you're Kelso. Overall though, 6/10.

~We did alot of other things over Thanksgiving break besides watch tv haha; like go to the shooting range (there's a crazy story here I'll tell you next time!), 3am shopping, deliver goodies to the neighbors, road-trip to Missoula and BodyRock it out... but I can't put up the pictures untill I get my laptop fixed. So check back for those!

 My laptop decided to check out early for Christmas break (taking my last E. Circuits lab write-up with it... Grrr!) so I can't put the pictures from my camera up untill I get it fixed.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the reviews, and I also recommend seeing "Tangled" in 3D. It's so awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 3D movies, and this one was no exception.

If for no other reason, see it for the horse, Maximus. He's hilarious. Easily my favorite character. I give it: 10/10. It may seem like I liked all the movies I saw over break, and I pretty much did. I guess I just was a good movie picker :D

Good luck on Finals to all my fellow Techies if I don't talk to you before then. Finish this semester strong! We've been working for months on these classes and it's no time to settle for a crappy grade or worse, having to re-take a class.
-"Something brought you here (to Tech). Fate, Destiny, ..."
-"A horse." (Quote from Tangled)

Stay warm,

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