Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finish Strong

~ I hope everyone had a restful and merry Christmas!!
Mine was amazing, I never wanted it to end! It's incredible how family just makes you feel so warm and happy, and makes anything fun! Seriously, I think I would even enjoy pushing my car to Butte in frigid weather if I could do it with my brother and sister. (At least it'd be a good workout haha)

Here's some of the highlights, the whole time was a highlight so there's lots of pictures!

Before Christmas, we went to Bozeman for
a few last minute gifts and the good clothes sales

 Sarah and I got awesome boots!
(keep reading to see them hehe)
On Christmas Eve we had our traditional
"wine, cheese and cracker night" 

 Our family Christmas picture :)

Christmas Day fun!
Dad wore his wrapping paper, and got his favorite movies...

Sarah and I modeled our new matching fuzzy boots

Dad was in charge of "putting a log on the fire"
ie: hitting re-play on the yule log video on YouTube

We made the coolest gingerbread house ever

It has candy Legos on the walkway,
and Lego Woody and Buzz live there :)

On Sunday before Sarah left we visited Grandma Betty.
She has alot of health issues, but she was doing
 awesome this time and remembered all of us!

All good things come to an end, and my sister had to leave on Sunday to go back to Colorado Springs. I was in a sad mood all yesterday and I couldn't figure out why, I figured I was just bored or something because I have so much extra time on my hands now since we don't have school for a while. What always helps is accomplishing a task though, so I worked on editing Christmas pictures but that didn't make me feel any better, and neither did getting out of the house and doing errands in Butte. So I resorted working out because that's something that's scientifically proven to inprove mood and get all those "feel good" endorphins flowing! (If you're a BodyRocker you know we're getting some amazing sweats in before New Years)

 I kinda had to struggle through it though,  I was about to give up and call it a day. But then when I was ellipticalling last night it hit me that I was probably feeling so bad because I miss my sister so much, and even as I was peddling away I wished she was there working out with me like we did over Christmas.

The point of all this is to not give up when you feel defeated. My dad said something really profound last night, I don't remember his exact words but it went something like this:
Sometimes we have those days when we feel like everything is out to get us, but life's not about what happens to us; it's about how we handle it. When we respond poorly to difficulty: cuss, get angry, or snap at loved ones, we feel like crap the next day. You think about at how you handled the situation, and are disappointed with yourself. You know you should have done better and have to pray and ask God to forgive you for acting so stupid, and He does.
But when we handle a situation with grace and maturity, we don't let it defeat us. The next day you'll wake up and be proud of how you handled difficulty, and you'll remember that feeling of victory for the rest of your life. Hardships give you a chance to develop character and inner strength to do what was right, when everything was all wrong.

My dad's aunt used to say "You've got to make your own fun" and I think that applies here. So if you are feeling a little post-holiday sadness, or you didn't accomplish what you wanted to this year, or maybe you're scared about something you have to do this coming year, don't let it defeat you. Take life one moment at a time, and act honorably and without fear in that moment. Then you'll be able to look back and be proud. Life is made up of moments. Make each one count!

We have less than a week left of 2010, and what a year it's been! Joey and I were agreeing the other day that 2010 has been one of our best years. Today I'm going to make my new Inspiration Board for 2011, and start a list of my goals, dreams and desires. Kinda like Tina @ Carrots'n'Cake's: Life To Do List. Maybe I'll share with you guys when I'm done :)

Here's a little something I found today that made me laugh, Katy Perry is the only one who could pull this off! She's so ridiculous sometimes, but she does what she wants and doesn't worry about what other people are gonna think. She's someone I admire for that reason. I think we could all learm from her:
Don't be boring just because it's easier!

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