Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rock and A Hard Place

Good evening friends,

I am thrilled about this holiday weather. Thrilled! The snow on the trees is just so beautiful, and I can't get enough of baking. I will hold off on the recipes for a bit (no promises on how long :p ) I've been making all things pumpkin: pumpkin lattes, pumpkin smoothies, baked acorn squash with apple and pumpkin topping (this was divine) and just adding pumpkin spice to my coffee in the mornings.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving and the 'official' pumpkin dish...
Pure festive bliss.

However, the topic of tonight's post is last remaining vestige of my summer activities... before it all becomes a distant memory! Hold off on the Egg Nog for now... it's quite possible next week will be as sunny and warm as it was when I had the adventure of.. Rock climbing!

Besides pumpkin, another obsession of mine lately has been all things rock. When my boyfriend, Joey, visited a couple weeks back we went rock climbing out at Queen Spire by Pipestone. My great friend, Cameron, went with us, and he also let us use all his gear he-he. I told you he was great! Here's a couple action shots:
Me belaying Joey

Stealing a kiss between climbs :o

Cameron showing his pro-skills

The "end" of the day... lol

On to the next rock adventure! This time I mean actual Rock music.
ie: Skillet, Papa Roach, Trapt and My Darkest Days. All in one place. Life is good :)
Although I must say, I totally just went for Skillet. I saw them for the first time this summer @ Creationfest and they're so awesome live.

Leeza and I drove to Billings together and hit up the mall first, and played with the sunglasses stands ha-ha.

We finally decided to go to the concert, considering that's what we went there for... and met up with Kynsi (with Leeza and I below), Tadd, Jon, and Dylen. It was mosh-tastic my friends :)

Skillet came out swingin'

Fist pump 24-7 !! lol

Skillet's sweet Comatose performance made the entire show
After the show we met My Darkest Days drummer

So that's it for my rock adventures. I'm off to watch Big Bang Theory with Miranda. G'night!

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