Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cookies and Boobies

Hi there friends,
It's been a wee bit longer since me last post than usual hasn't it?... My apologies, I have actually had good intentions to whip up a post on several different occasions but failed to follow through. However, I am making great progress on becoming a master of procrastination. Just kidding, I need no work what so ever in that area!

Did you have a Happy Halloween!? How did everyone celebrate? I made cookies with my mom. My dad was coming home late that night from Houston, so we decided to leave him some sweet treats out as a suprise. Kinda like Santa I suppose; we're a few holidays ahead of ourselves he-he.

We say we made them for my dad...
But we had to try one, Num Num Num!!

 After baking we watched "Get Him to the Greek", which is funny, but kinda coarse for my taste. I give it 7/10: Worth watching with the right company :)

What goes better with cookies than a nice big glass of milk? Mhmm ... the bigger the better! Who doesn't grab a jug every week? Or two! Life is just so much better when you've got your hands on those jugs ;)... Speaking of jugs... or actually tatas, on Saturday I refereed the "Pink Out", Breast Cancer Awareness volleyball games @ Butte High.

It was their last home game and senior night too. It just so happened to fall on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we supported the cause! I had a blast reffing that day, during the last set of the Varsity match I swear it was as loud in there as a State tourney game!
 Here's a shot of the action, check out the ridiculously pink pom-poms the cheer leaders have in the background. They are cheerleaders, so I'm hardly suprised :p

Everyone loves to make their own booby slogans, here's a few the girls put on their shirts:
"Breast Friends"
"Save the A, B, Cs and DDs!"
"I <3 my Boobies"
 "Boobs: They could use your support"
"Big or Small, Save them all!"  ... Someone is having too much fun with this...
 I even got a little festive with my workout gear that day... I guess all that pink went straight to my head. I had a super intense workout though, I am still on my BodyRock kick because I am getting excellent results. Also, they're so sweaty and intense in such a short time you can't help but feel alive! I did the Bang Bang Workout on Saturday and my abs were feelin' it.  

 Ok now I got myself going... stop me if you can... of course I have to apply the pink trend to my other fashion choices too! I really like these other pink trends:

Alright I'll be done talking about TaTas, if you go visit this site and buy a t-shirt! Or just come over to  the SUB up on Montana Tech's campus and support SWE- Society of Women Engineers, and our booby cause.

Because you know the world's a better place with all us "girls" around ;)

Untill next time! Hint, next post we'll be 'rocking out' so check back soon.

See you in the SUB,

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love all the slogans. And the pink sports top you have on in that picture. That's really cute!