Sunday, August 1, 2010

Taste of the Good Life

Last night I saw "Dinner for Schmucks," and it is soooo hilarious. Steve Carell does total chaos perfectly, almost too perfectly...
~I ment to post on this WEEKS ago, but I got caught up having the Summer of a lifetime, so forgive me for my tardiness :p. A couple Saturdays ago, my friend Jay and I went to the famousBite of Seattle.” If you aren’t familiar with the huge outdoor food fair that is “Bite of Seattle,” let me explain:

Every year, 60+ food companies and restaurants come together beneath the Space needle to offer up all sorts of goodies to the  public. Attendance is free, but the experience is priceless. We scored everything from free samples, coupons, and cool product demos, to musical entertainment and a sweet Geico beach ball :p. 

We totally missed the first ferry from Bremerton, and then had to walk about 45min to get there, but let me tell you- it was worth it. As a frequent Food Network watcher, and an avid (albeit amateur) cook, I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. HOLY YUM. 

 By the time we got there @ 3pm we were both super hungry and would eat the first thing we saw, which just happened to be “Australian Road-Kill Chicken.” Don’t let the name fool you, it was delicious: Peppered pulled-chicken pita with a boatload of fresh steamed veggies. It hit the spot.

I was especially impressed with the wide array of Organic, Natural, and Healthy-living options there. I discovered many new products and companies that allow you to eat well, AND treat your body well.

We tried so many different “bites!” We went in with open minds and empty bellies ha-ha. Can you believe ALL these foods were 100% Organic and made from healthy ingredients!?
  • Rice pilaf with curry sauce from ‘Seeds of Change’
  • Sweet potato fries from ‘Alexia’
  • Spinach greens salad with a Gourmet Garlic Vinaigrette from ‘Garlic Festival’
  • A bunch of different types of Tea (including Vanilla Roobios, Chocolate Chi, and Mango Green Tea)

  • Coconut milk ice cream sandwiches and Vanilla Coconut milk from ‘So Delicious’
  • Freshly-made Apple/Ginger/Carrot juice and Coconut, Walnut and Chocolate Cowboy Cookies from ‘Chaco Canyon Organic Café’
(We also had  not so healthy eats, but sinfully good: caramel and toffee candied cashews and almonds, and fresh mini doughnuts w/ cinnamon sugar.)

 How adorable are these cup-cake bath salts!?

Of course we didn’t learn, and almost missed the Ferry AGAIN on the way back. We lost track of time, which I blame on the donuts putting us into a blissful state of dementia, and hung around until we had to run to catch the ferry. We made it though, just in time to end a perfect day with a perfect sunset.

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