Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Big Sky Country

Life has been a whirlwind lemme tell ya! A very very fun whirlwind, but quite the spin none the less. Here's the run down of the last few days....

On friday I left Bremerton after work with my boyfriend, Joey. We had dinner @ the most incredible Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. The steak fajita salad was out of this world! HOLY YUM.

We took the ferry to Seattle, but didn't make very good time.

We had to wait a half hour at the terminal, but we killed the time pimpin' out my ride he-he. 
Arm placement to hide my liscense plate number from stalkers :p

By 11pm we were only an hour ourside of Seattle :/

We called it a night stayed at a hotel with yet another life changing menu, perhaps because it was also a Mexican restaurant? (that was a compliment I hope no one is offended!) French toast and eggs for my man, and veggie turkey omelet w/ fruit for me. Good road trip fuel. It was called the "Family Pancake House" and it was so sad we found out they were closing the next day because the hotel wasn't going to renew their lease. Lame! We watched some cartoons and hit the hotel pool so we didn't leave till 11am on Saturday.

After we got started we made ok time- not really! Stopping at a couple scenic outlooks, fruit stands, and the Spokane waterfall can really prolong a roadtrip!
It was tons of fun though and I woulda done it exactly the same again. We jammed out to Twentyfour64 on the way. LOVE these guys! My friend Chris Cortez is cousins with the lead singer.
We finally got back to Butte at 1am on Sunday morning. My own bed never felt so good!Sunday I did some unpacking but most of the day was focused on my friend's wedding.
 It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. The bride and groom are sooooo in love and you can just tell by looking at them they're going to share the rest of their lives together happily ever after! Congratulations again Cole and Val :)

Monday I go my new driver's liscense! I'll be 21 on Wednesday, August 19th, so my old one expires. I can't wait to spend my birthday celebrating with family in San Diego :D. Yay!

Sunday, I also took Joey to meet my parents in Whitehall before he had to fly back to Bremerton at 5pm. Joey is in the Navy, so he had to report back on duty. He actually works on the same aircraft carrier as I do (except of course I'm an engineer and not in the Navy so we never see eachother on the ship). It was sad to see him go but I am trying to just be happy thinking of the next time I'll see him!

I leave for San Diego in the morning with me family so that's all for now folks! We're going to see my brother, Matthew, graduate from MARINE Boot Camp. Soo proud of him :)

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