Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Blink...

Careful, don't blink or you might miss an entire state!
I have been in five states in the last six days:

1) Washington

Check out the negative elevation ^^ (outside Seattle)

2) Idaho

A scenic spot on the way home to MT

Cool windmills, I loved these things!
3) Montana

Outside of Whitehall

Floating the Jefferson

4) Utah

 My mom and dad arriving at Salt Lake City

Mmmm coffee @ the airport  :)
5) California
On the pier in San Diego

Outside our hotel

Downtown, in the Gaslamp area
Man, I wondered why I felt so busy...
It's all coming at me fast, as you can probably already tell from my lack of follow-up on my former posts. I swear I will still blog about Creationfest (you may not be still interested, but it's worth the post for sure), and my other miscellaneous escapades in Bremerton/ Seattle!

Seattle may rain alot, but it's still a blast

Like I said, CreationFest is sooo worth the time, but talking about it has been bumped back to a later date. I really wanna spend some time highlighting the amazing musicians/ activities/ possibilities at CF, but just no time yet!
Switchfoot in concert @ CF2010

New adventures keep coming my way, and I an SOOOOO not complaining.
Here's the latest: I had a short stint in MT, and then I flew off to San Diego! I'm writing from our hotel by the waterfront right now :)

I got to squeeze in a floating trip with friends before the summer was over. In my opinion, floating epitomizes 'summer in MT.' Anyone agree?

I love this quote about flying by the seat of your pants in life. Alot of times, just making the best of a certain situation is more fun than you could ever as for!

“Why not seize the pleasure at once, how often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparations.” -Jane Austen

A few good links about traveling, and making your life a journey to remember:
Time for more adventures... ta-ta for now friends :)


  1. Ruthie you are going to need a vacation from your vacation. Great pics. Looks like you are having a ball. Enjoy your time with your brother. Tell him good luck with his career in the Marines.

  2. Ruthie, Hope you are having a good time because as you predicted (and documented on my work calendar for 13 Aug 2010), “Work Gets Boring :( ” for the rest of us sloggers. Things are pretty quiet around here and foot traffic thru the area is down 67% since you returned to stuff knowledge into that cranium of yours. We do miss your cheerful outlook around here and look forward to you returning to liven things up! We will follow you activities on your blog (from more than 50’) just to keep you honest…. Make us proud :) !