Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost Done!?

* Hi there~ How has everyone been the last few weeks?

I got a lot done and that's always good. I feel like I passed the FE exam (but we won't know for a couple weeks - a couple months until the results are in), we completed building, testing, and presenting our Dune Buggy Senior Design project, and I even got to go to my friend Leeza's bachelorette party.

Here's a few pictures from that my activities! No photos are allowed during the FE test (hmmm, wonder why :p ?) so first up is the bachelorette party 2 weeks ago:

The bride and I

I'm the only one not engaged! Lucky me ;)

Save room for ice cream cake! Well I didn't,
but I hear it was good. Coldstone Cremery.

Leeza, the beautiful lady of the day :)

We're about to open gifts! No one was allowed to say,
"Pretty" or "Wow." We all lost lol.

Last weekend's major activity was FINISHING the buggy on Thursday (with not a day to spare lol) and PRESENTING our project on Friday morning. It was a great success!! Now just a report and a poster board to turn in, then the project is OVER.

We're done! Yay.
My team (L-R): Levi, Shane, Shawn, me

Me on campus after the presentation posing with our buggy

And look, I even did my hair and make-up
for the occassion! (both the dune buggy project and
the bachelorette party I might add hehe)
In other news, I am only 11 DAYS OUT from NPC Pittsburgh and I am super excited for it. Momma Bombshell is dialing me in and all I have to do is follow her instructions :) I had a stressful weekend the weekend of the FE and made some bad decisions-- no one is perfect, and I have forgiven myself, but I had to do a lot of seeking God and working with Him to overcome some wrong thinking I had -- more on that later... But the last week and a half has been GREAT and I am full steam ahead till Pitt!! I have also realized there's only a few things left to do with school/prepping for competition before I am DONE: do my show and then GRADUATE then next weekend! OMG. It's starting to set in...

I want to thank you all for your support of my many ventures and your interest in all the randomness I choose to share with you :) I appreciate you all very much. You keep me accountable, keep me pressing forward, and help me appreciate my many blessings in this life.

So being the busy-bee I am, I naturally am thinking: "After this, what's next?" Well - I start work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on June 18th, and yesterday I was super blessed to find a house to stay at for the first 4 months of my time there for no rent!! I will be house-sitting for a friend of a friend that also works at the shipyard (and went to Tech too!), but she'll be gone in San Diego working at Puget Sound's sister shipyard. I am excited to live there because the house is walking distance from the shipyard, and I get to take care of her cat he-he. I love cats!

Another announcement, though only in its early stages... I plan on COMPETING AGAIN the weekend before I start work at the 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chicago, IL on June 16th.


Yup, it's a PRO QUALIFIER :D We will SOON know if I am Pro-level or not :) I am already a winner on the inside for conquering my doubts, inner demons, the nay-sayers, the distractions, and the financial/mental/scheduling conflicts to get this far.... so whatever happens, happens!

So, yes, I'm almost done.... but the end of one thing only means the beginning of another :) Here we go!

~ Ruthie

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