Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NPC Nationals: T -30 days

Wednesday is here once again, yay for being half done with  another round of classes and workouts!!

I haven't posted on my progress with Team Bombshell in a while, but I HAVE been making progress so let's discuss! I just got a new cardio/workout plan from my coach, Shannon Dey, yesterday based on my progress pictures I sent in on Monday.

(FYI, now that my blog is not re-posted to the Montana Tech website I will be sharing my competition progress. I will still keep the content PG because that's just the way I am, but I will have bikini pictures... just to warn you!) This blog chronicles my journey to NPC Nationals and you're along for the ride :)

 Here's the current package:

Front view as of 10/17/2011

Better ab definition and smaller waist than 3 1/2 weeks ago
at the WA Ironman. Down 3lbs from then, mostly body fat.
Abs goal: tight, but not too pronounced
Let's just say.. it's brutal. Welcome back 2-a-day cardio sessions, supplementary squats/butt toning exercises, and... abs! I do abs 3 x a week now. The last time I did a crunch was quite a while ago, and I only did them for 2 weeks before the WA Open. I was waaaayyy lean for that show, dieted down to 129lbs on stage. As of today I weigh 144lbs.  You might remember I was on a muscle gaining "smooth out" and add curves plan for a couple months, but adios!! I gained a bit too much fat with the muscle and was up to 147lbs about 3 weeks ago. I really wasn't too happy with my midsection/waist in my pictures from the FLEX Bikini Model Search and the WA Ironman. Somehow I still managed to pull out an Overall win but THAT was the grace of God ;)

A little to soft in the belly!!
So, I am excited to kick butt at a completely killer plan and make lightning speed progress towards a tigher rear and smaller waist. I was completely overwhelmed when I read the part of Shannon's email about my workout changes, starting: "Also add..." I was pretty proud of my progress... but she's right! I got a ways to go before I am stage ready again.

I want NPC Nationals to be the best I have ever looked on stage. Which is somewhere between the super-lean look of the WA Open, and the smoother look of the WA Ironman. Closer to the second, but as Shannon says, with a "tighter booty" haha.

With that, I give you Exhibit A - A tighter booty:

Belonging to Bombshell India Paulino

For comparison, here's a flashback to the much skinnier look I had at the WA Open:

Versus the much softer look I had at the FLEX Bikini Model Search. Notice the belly ;)

So just so we're clear, I LOVE my body and i think I look awesome in all the pictures... I worked dang hard to be in the Top 99% of fit chicks, but there is always room for improvement. Yes, I am nit-picking and focusing on the small changes I want to see, but as long as I look at it in a positive light and head out on this journey of presenting my best Bikini competition package ever by November 18th I do not see it as a bad thing to notice what I need to change. Like I said, I love my body! I'm just gonna tweak it a bit to do everything I can to Lord willing earn my PRO card come Nationals!

Wish me luck and please keep me in your prayers, I got a tough 30 days ahead of me! One day at a time, one small victory at a time, hopefully leading up to a big one :)


PS - I got another sponsor!! Shout out and a HUGE thank you to Frank and Ann Gilmore for sponsoring me for Nationals :) AND to Staci Angelly for gifting me a membership to FUEL fitness for my prep-month before Nationals... love you all!! xoxo

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