Monday, September 26, 2011

OVERALL Amazing!!

In case you're not a Facebook friend of mine and saw all the posts relating to the WA Ironman this weekend let me break the news... I WON! I won the Bikini Tall height class AND then I won Overall :D

OMG!! Overall was my goal since the WA Open, and I did it!!

Winning means I am sponsored by ZippFizz Energy drinks for travel to a national competiton. My coach, Shannon, and I decided on NPC Nationals in Miami, FL on November 18-19th. Today is the first official day of training for it :) Time to get an even tinier waist and an even tighter booty haha.

Here's some pictures from the show:

BOMBSHELLS backstage <3

Can we go on yet!? Getting nervous here :/

Finally it's time to rock the stage, bow chicka wow wow!

How the West was won lol... booty!
After winning the Tall Class

She's basically as big as ME

Here's the reason why I LOVE competing, hanging
out with amazing girls like Jen and Kiana :)
After party!! Mac 'n' cheese never tasted SO good.
 A HUGE thank you to my Dad and brother for funding my gas $$ to WA so I could even go, to my coach Shannon for getting my ready, for ALL my amzing friends and teammates for the encouragement and support all along the way, to the Craigs for putting on a superb show and to ZipFizz for sponsoring me to compete at Nationals! I wouldn't be soaking in the joy of victory without you all :)

Now to study for my Mechanical Vibrations test....


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