Friday, August 5, 2011

"Smizin'" in Seattle

TGIF. This week was WAR! More on that later tho...

I am really looking forward to another awesome weekend of girl time. This weekend Leana and I are going for an epic hike, and on Sunday I'm going to church with Kim, and then a good long bike ride with Danielle. I think we're biking from Bremerton to Silverdale and back... 20ish miles? I'm gonna be tuckered out! Sunday is Danielle's birthday though and she loves biking, so anything for the birthday girl! :)

Yahoo for girlfriends! I <3 my girls. Here's some pics from my last adventure to SMG modeling open call with my roomie Kinjal. Do I have any America's Next Top Model fans in the house!? Well, Kinjal and I have watched us a lot of ANTM :) ... we totally felt like we were on a "go-see" when we were running around trying to find SMG and get there before 4pm.

Enough talking though, just use your eyes and look at the pictures :) Or as Tyra would say..."smize.


Kinjal's "artsy" shot of the SMG studio

My fellow aspiring models :) Meredith is on the left,
she is such a free spirit and naturally gorgeous to boot.
(PS- check out those shoes! Rawr)

Roomies! Just waitin' for my turn to go into "the room"

Meredith is doing a fashion photography internship, so
we figured she was well qualified to take our photo for us!

After SMG we rolled downtown, and saw this crazy lookin' ride

Destination: CHINATOWN!

I got a kick out of the American-ized shop names.
This one was cute, but some of them just seemed silly!

Ninja pose! Eye of the Tiger baby.

A cool mural

Interesting artsy column

Kinjal's model pose, yeah she's been watchin' ANTM

Inside the shops we found a ton of flavors of pickled mango.
I'm sorry, but that sounds really disgusting; I even like pickles
and mango... separately!

Huge wok hanging from the ceiling. That's a lota soup!

Lilacs on the ceiling :)

Some poor duckies

I liked how the Chinese desserts were wrapped in pretty paper

How refreshing! Fruit on a cake :)

Not sure what it is, but looks like Tiramisu!

We were gonna eat in Chinatown, but we didn't have a lot
of time before the ferry and nothing fast looked
good/normal/not greasy. This place looked promising tho.

Random nick-nacks. They had a Santa key chain (why?)

The highlight of Chinatown in my opinion:
Optimus Prime!! Only $190... dang!

Time to get some sleep before hiking tomorrow, g'night all!

~ Ruthie

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