Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Model Behavior

Hey hey hey :)

Soooo I have been kinda hush-hush about this, but on the Monday after winning the Bikini Tall class at the WA State Open; and qualifying as a national athlete (!!) I did a fitness photo shoot with the fabulous April Greer. It was such such such a cool experience. I recommend April to anyone who is interested in modeling and building their portfolio. It was my first shoot ever and she got over 300 pictures that we LOVED. I don't mean we got 300 and liked a couple... no there was soooo many good ones! Here's some of my photos; but like I said, there are soooo many more (don't worry I won't flood your internet memory with all 300 lol) to come :) 
This first collage is my "tag sheet" that April sent to SMG  - Seattle Models Guild model management company to get me an 'in.' Well it worked! April's friend, Mklyn, wanted to meet me so I went to SMG's modeling open call on Tuesday. My roomie, Kinjal, came with me to the open call and then we went out exploring in Seattle afterwards (photos from that adventure to follow :D )

And turns out, they liked me! They really liked me :) AND I felt like I was on a "go see" on America's Next Top Model haha so that was cool. Kinjal and I had a blast on our little modeling adventure.

The agent I spoke with, April's friend and talent scout, Mklyn, told me to "definitely call him" when I get back and said he thought that a lot of their clients would like to work with me. Cool huh!? Although they didn't offer me a contract, they said they were "very interested in working with me and like my look," but because I am leaving for Montana soon (August 10th) I obviously couldn't go on any modeling jobs in Seattle!

So, I am not a signed fitness model for now, but never say never...
I would love to do fitness modeling. SMG is more of a fashion modeling company, so they probably wouldn't be as excited about my muscles :p as a fitness modeling company would be... Like... FMG!

My DREAM is to sign with FMG, Fitness Management Group. That would be so surreal, I'm holding out for them! 

I'm off to dream of FMG... Goodnight & sweet dreams <3

~ Ruthie


  1. Beautiful photos, best of luck signing with FMG =)!

  2. I'm so impressed to know a celebrity! Way to go! Lookin' fierce in these pics. :)