Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday I interrupted our regularly scheduled programming to post about my birthday and the tragedy of my teacher's death, so here's the picture post I promised...

Actually I'll start off with a video! Here's a behind the scenes video of my photo shoot with April Greer. She made it for my birthday. Isn't she just too sweet :) ?

I on the other hand am quite the piece of work... I guess I AM blonde ;p How many blondes does it take to get your name and state right? Find the answer below.

And here we have some of the fruits of my labor as a model. I only say "labor" because the cool shots always are the most painful to hold. All the flattering poses are extremely uncomfortable; which is definitely true for Bikini competition as well! I love modeling and competing though so it's no biggie :) April made the whole shoot really fun by having a great attitude and playing rockin' music.

On Monday, my fellow Techies and I start back at school. It's time to finish my quest to be a Mechanical Engineer!! I like how I ended my summer posts on this modeling shoot, because many people have only one perception of me...

Either they met me as an "engineer" and see me as scholarly, hard-working, perfectionist, home-work queen, study-maniac, sleep deprived. With the summer version of this being about the same minus the homework and studying.... OR... they met me at a Bikini competition, through Team Bombshell, or via modeling. To them I am a "bombshell" (at least I flatter myself as such he-he). They see me as competitive, gym-rat, skinny girl, weights and StairMaster queen, food-prep maniac....and again ,sleep deprived and perfectionist. Both "engineer" and "bombshell" are the same girl, but only a select few people know both sides of me.

Turns out, I'm multi-faceted. I'm just now finally exploring more than one side, and it's been overwhelmingly amazing. I encourage you to try taking charge of your joy and spending more time pursing that little thing you that makes you happy instead of just the things you are good at. You can always fall back on what you're good at if it doesn't work out, but what if you're actually really good at what makes you happy!? Only one way to find out...

Now that school is starting again you'll be seeing a lot more of the "engineer" side, and posts will probably be more of a mix of school, Team bombshell, God and scriptures (always!), and random life happenings. If you're headed back to school soon, good luck! Let's have a great year :)

I'm off to do workout #3 for today.... lifting back and biceps! I am stoked to use my new Versa Gripps lifting grips that my parents got me for my birthday (in pink :D)

Good night friends,
~ Ruthie xoxo

PS - I updated the "Competition History" page on my blog.

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