Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm g-O-ing places

Ah Mondays... I am trying to ignore the blazing temperature in the office today by focusing my attention on where I will soon be :D ... I was waiting until my plans were nailed down, but now that it's legit... here's a couple exciting announcements of what's coming up in my future :) 

>> Exciting Event #1:

When: July 20-23rd
Where: Enumclaw, WA

I loved going to this last year and I am blessed enough to go again this year!
The concert is only an hour from my house in Port Orchard, and it starts next Wednesday night. It goes all weekend but I'm only going Wed-Thurs and giving my ticket to a friend for Fri-Sat (plus I'll be somewhere else on Saturday!) I am looking forward to soaking up God's love in one of the friendliest environments you'll ever find. Amazing things happen at Creation...
It's life-changing and I wouldn't miss it :)

Be sure to check out the website for CreationFest for a full schedule of preformers, speakers, events and more...then get your tickets so you can join me :)

>> Exciting Event #2:
BOMBSHELL Fitness Camp

When:  August 11-15th
Where:  Daytona Beach, FL

I don't know which of my plans I am most excited for.... but this is defintely close to the top of the list.
I'll be flying down to Florida to spend the weekend at Bombshell Headquarters getting all the training I need to be an even better Bikini competitior, and eventually go Pro. Oh yes I will :)

We'll be working out as a team, attending fitness/nutrition lectures and motivational seminars, practicing posing in a mock show, getting advice from Momma Bombshell herself - Shannon Dey, and even having a "cheat meal" on pizza night at the Bombshell House (think of it as the Playboy mansion if all the girls could lift more than you, were driven, devoted, flawless athletes... and will only be taking their clothes off in your dreams!) I'll be staying at the Bombshell House both Friday and Saturday night for some team bonding... and maybe pillow fights ;)

>> Exciting Event #3: 
OLYMPIA Fitness Expo and PRO Show 

When: September 15-18th
Where: Las Vegas, NV

Oooo yeah I'm gOin' places babay!

The Olympia is one of the biggest fitness expos, sports conventions, IFBB pro bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini shows of the year. It's HUGE and it's in Las Vegas, NV so how could it not be awesome :) ? What makes it even better is I will be traveling with one of my Bombshell teammates and a bunch of other teammates will be meeting us there. Watch out Vegas.... Bombshells are coming to town!

We're staying in the gorgeous, fabulous, and high rollin' Trump Tower hotel for all three nights, and during the day we'll be hangin' at the expo. I hope to do some networking with companies in the fitness industry and meet some of my heroes like Amanda Latona, Jamie Eason and Nicole Wilkins... and my Pro Bombshell girls Nicole Nagrani, Ali Rosen, Nathalia Melo, and Shelsea Montes, Candyce Graham and Justine Munro.
Amanda on stage at the 2010 Olympia
Amanda Latona competed in the Olympia Bikini competition FLEX Bikini Model Search several years, and eventually won it. She is obviously very talented and I love her energy and sass :)

That's what I've got in my future, what future plans are you excited about?

Off to the gym again!

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