Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bombshell: 9 Weeks In, 3 Weeks Out!

Oh how times have changed... I remember just a few months ago in April I was signing up for my first ever NPC Bikini Competition, and now I am on a national training team, Team Bombshell, being coached by IFBB PRO Bikini Athletes and training as hard as an Olympian for my 2nd show! 

**My next Bikini competition is on July 23rd. That's only 3 weeks from this Saturday, 7/2/2011... Let the countdown begin!

2011 NPC Washington State Open BB, Figure, Fitness, & Bikini Championships
Date: July 23, 2011
Where: Auburn Preforming Arts Center - Auburn, WA

Come out and enjoy the show if you're in the area!

 ~         A look back ...        ~
It's been quite the journey. Looking back, I am amazed at all I have learned about fitness, diet, motivation, perseverance, dedication, balance, and the list goes on... My entire life has changed just by a last minute entry in a Bikini show.  

** Read about how I became a Bikini competitor in my older posts: 

 ~         What's happening now ...        ~

I'm still pluggin' away at my crazy-hectic day-to-day schedule, which starts with my "Morning Bliss" and ends with another gym session of weights + cardio and then catching ferries to get home and hopefully in bed by 9pm.

I like to remind myself it will all be worth it though :) One anonymous quote that has stuck with me about accomplishments in life are like diamonds is:
"If you don't grind, you don't shine!"

I am following my Bombshell diet (I'll be posting more on this in the near future!), supplementation, cardio, and lifting plans and have seen great progress in my physique. I've gotten a couple compliments on my "Bombshell booty" and that's enough in itself to keep me motivated haha. Every week on Sundays I email my coach, Shannon Dey, progress pictures so she can see where I'm at with my training and give me encouragement or tell me what to change. I have started sending my weight as well, so she can monitor me more closely since competition is just a few weeks away. Any necessary adjustments to my food intake or cardio plan will be made to make sure I look my best come showtime!

138 lbs on 6/26/11
136 lbs on 7/3/11
Besides appearance and weight, another good measure of fitness level is percent body fat. I first measured my body fat on 6/15/11 and I just did it again 2 weeks later on Wednesday (6/29/11).

**Read my post on bodyfat here: Fat Chance!

I am happy to report I am down to 9% bodyfat! That's a 2% decrease in 2 weeks from 11% on the 15th. Like I said before, I am not so sure that the number itself (9%) is completely accurate - I think that must be reading lower than I actually am - but the method I used to determine my % bodyfat is consistent: Both times I had the same personal trainer use body fat calipers.
Measuring body fat with calipers
11% on 6/15/11
  9% on 6/29/11

Therefore, the change in % body is accurate. So whatever my % body fat actually is, it's down by 2% in two weeks! That's an 18.2% decrease in 2 weeks... which means that my training and diet is working :)
Here's my weight and measurements as of April 23rd: (click the picture to enlarge it)

And here's my weight and measurements as of July 3rd:

I have decided not to post my progress pictures on my blog since it's re-published to the Montana Tech college website and I feel like they don't need that directly on the front page ha ha.
Go to my BodySpace page to see my latest progress pics :)

3 weeks until I'm rocking the stage! It's go time...
~ Ruthie

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