Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summa Time!

This post comes at ya from the first "summer" day we've had in Washington. Apparently no one told poor little Puget that it was summer a month ago! Well worth the wait though, I remeber from last year now how much I LOVE the smell of summer here. It's a mix of fresh cut grass, sweet roses and lilacs, and salty ocean breeze ... with a hint of sailor sweat (lol jk).

This photo captures the essence of summer in Seattle:

Taken at WU, can't you just smell the cherry blossom?
Summer is such a beautiful season, I think I want to live somewhere where it's like this year round :) (aka: not Montana!?) MT has a special place in my heart though, because it will always be home.

Last weekend it was still the rainy season here (boo). Kinjal and I took a trip up to Polsbo where they have the cutest little houses. The whole town is fashioned after old Dutch architecture, and there's lots of flowers. Enjoy the photos!

Raining! Kinjal and I found this cool boardwalk
that was really magical in the rain. It felt like a
secret hide-away or something :p

Kinjal hidding from the rain under the brow

Pretty little houses all in a row

The perfect neighborhood. It looks
right out of Desperate Housewives actually...
I made this rose blush by taking its picture :)

My favorite shot. I am a sucker for dew-drops! <3

It's quittin' time here at PSNS so I'm off to spend some quality time with my main man, his name is Gym ("Jim"). 
Until next time, goodnight from the shipyard

God bless,
~ Ruthie

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