Monday, May 2, 2011

Power Post

Happy Monday! Ick... Ok, how about... Happy May!

Yes that's much better. I love May flowers, sunshine, and it actually being warm enough to walk to school without losing feeling in my fingers, ears, and nose. I realized I have already developed I bit of a pattern for May though, and it's only day #2! May is all about POWER for me. Yup,
"I got the power!"

1) The first POWER is for Power-Lifting.
Today I resurrected an old staple I haven't done in years...
Power Cleans! Have you ever done these?

What better way to start off a new muscle "bulking" month in preparation for my Fall Bikini shows than to hit the power lifts hard? They will get you huffin' and puffin' in 5 reps and you'll be begging for mercy by rep number twelve. I did four sets of 12/12/10/10 reps increasing the weight after the first two sets.

2) The second POWER is for Power-Point.
Today my Technical Writing partner, Chance Scally, and I spent almost three hours making over 30 note cards to cue us for our PowerPoint presentation on Wednesday. We'll be presenting our Feasibility study on "Temperature Fluctuation's Effect on Learning in the S&E Building" at Montana Tech. If you've ever had class there you know what I'm talking about...

Anywho, hopefully our project gets implemented and I won't look so much like this in class:
I...Am...So... Bored.
Someone Turn Down the Heat!!

3) Power number three is for Power-Nap.
I can't believe I already need these this month... but Sunday I barely studied for my Econ test today because I kept falling asleep trying to read my book (sorry Professor Armstrong...). The NPV at 15% MARR after taxes is just not that thrilling...
Of course the what is thrilling  is the reason I needed a power nap... which is:

I was up at 4:20am helping the new MISS EARTH MONTANA 2011 curl her hair. And ooohhh was it so worth it when she looked this  fabulous winning the crown!! :)
Melissa Gee took home the title of Miss Earth Montana
2011 on Saturday night in Missoula.


4) The most important POWER though, is the All Powerful = Jesus.
I was reminded this weekend at Melissa's pageant just how powerful prayer, and working with God is.
I spent the entire day praying for Melissa to do well in interview, and I spent the entire evening show praying for her not to slip or stumble in her heels, and to do well in her on stage question. The result? She nailed her interview and won the interview award. She rocked the stage and even did a spin, which are incredibly hard to master. And she answered her onstage question flawlessly.

Yes, prayer is powerful, effective, and sooo rewarding.

Melissa told me she even got the finalist girls to pray with her before they took the stage for the last time before it wad decided who won the pageant. Being there for Melissa and seeing what an incredible influence she was on those around her and what a light for Christ she made me realize what a light she is for me, and the whole experience reminded that if you will always succeed if you seek God first, and follow in the path He has set for you. If you do everything to your best ability and do it to the honor of God, He WILL bless your efforts. Melissa is drop-dead gorgeous on the outside but the most breathtaking beauty she possesses is in her soul... I am inspired to live my life re-focused on Jesus because of her influence.

Thank you Mel!
May is dedicated to trusting God and the plans He has for me.

All the best,
Ruthie xoxo

PS- Voting for the "Get Money Smarts" Scholarship ended today... soon I'll know if I won or not!
I'll be praying I did :)

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